Why do Fans Need Ball Bearings?

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Fans are used for a variety of applications, from personal use to computer function. Automobiles wouldn’t run the same without quality fan technology, homes wouldn’t enjoy efficient heating and cooling and computers simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demands of a continuously moving, global marketplace without cooling fans keeping all CPU components cool and functioning optimally.

Fans are manufactured in several different styles, yet for the purpose of cooling, airflow and air restriction, the most typical model fans are the more traditional axial fans. Axial fans are most often used in computers, automobiles and in homes as ceiling fans or the traditional window or box fan. Blowers, which are often used for a more direct flow or powerful airflow (impeller fans), are most often used in industrial drying applications, as well as personal appliances such as hair dryers.

Ball Bearing Fan Use

Ball bearing fan parts are common in some fan designs, yet many axial computer fans that are found within the most popular computer brands available for personal and commercial use possess sleeve bearings as opposed to ball bearings. Herein lies a common problem within many new computers, as well as one of the reasons that computer fans break down, and cause potential damage to a hard disk or motherboard.

A sleeve bearing allows smooth motion and interaction between bearing parts, yet these moving parts rely on lubrication that is known to break down when exposed to intense heat after hours and hours of use. These sleeve bearings possess what seems like an impressive lifespan in the grand scheme of computer usage and hours of potential use, yet their functionality is lacking when compared to the superior ball bearing fans.

The Quality Operation of Ball Bearing Fans

Ball bearing fans are far more efficient, longer lasting and able to handle more of a workload when considering extended periods of computer use; this is especially true in program multitasking. These work periods are often synonymous with extreme heat exposure to all computer parts, including the fan. Ball bearing fans also allow for a quieter function, and more efficient fan motor function, simply providing a higher quality machine.

Many individuals who are well versed in computer function, modification and customization will immediately remove a cooling fan possessing a sleeve bearing and replace it with a quality after market or comparable ball bearing fan that will offer better cooling function. This will ensure that a machine will be properly cooled in order to function at an optimal level.

Ball Bearing Fans Manufactured Through NMB

Well known for a variety of quality motors and all associated components such as ball bearings, NMB also offers an impressive line of axial fans and blowers that rely on quality ball bearing function for premium operation. Just as the NMB motors are designed and manufactured under the company umbrella, all fans are manufactured in the same manner. NMB manufactures over 100 million fans per year, all component parts designed and manufactured in-house.

For potential customization needs, this process allows for great probability, as well as competitive pricing and turnaround.