Mechanical Bearing Assemblies

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Mechanical Bearing Assemblies
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NMB’s miniature precision ball bearings are the first component of a highly successful design of a mechanical bearing assembly. Machined components such as magnets, gears, molded and machined plastic parts, die cast parts and special materials are designed and manufactured to work precisely with NMB precision ball bearings. Our assembly process and inspection methods have been optimized to produce the highest quality product for your application.

NMB’s Manufacturing


As part of the Minebea Group of Companies, NMB’s worldwide manufacturing facilities offer state of the art production equipment and advance manufacturing disciplines. These plants use mass-production technologies perfected at our parent plants in Japan. This type of closed circuit manufacturing enables NMB to ensure uniform precision and high quality for all products, regardless of where they are manufactured.

High Precision Custom


Mechanical bearing assemblies are custom made product, with a wide variety of applications. We start by working with your engineers; our goal is to help you design a component that will increase the value of your product and decrease your manufacturing costs. We bring our success and experience in the design of mechanical assemblies, our expertise in miniature ball bearing manufacturing, our world- wide capabilities, and our knowledge and ability to supply you with a product of the highest quality and cost effectiveness, and the best fit for your application. Your product is custom made; our solutions are custom made for your product.

Mechanical bearing assemblies are considered a high precision product at NMB. From design conception to delivery, NMB’s mechanical bearing assemblies are high precision custom products, manufactured to the highest standards of quality, cost effectiveness and reliability. That is who we are. That is what our products represent.
Take advantage of the NMB site to find mechanical bearing assemblies to fit your needs. NMB is synonymous with precision products and precision manufacturing, so you can be assured that a custom mechanical bearing assembly from NMB will be ideal for your applications. If you have any questions about mechanical bearing assemblies, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at NMB.