Custom Mechanical Bearing Assembly Design Capabilities

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At NMB, quality starts with a well designed product. Local, dedicated application and design engineering support in the US and Europe  as well as the immediate support of our R&D engineering and manufacturing teams in Japan, offer the OEM the ability to design a custom mechanical bearing assembly or sub-assembly that will not only meet high quality standards, but that will return a reliable product that will continue to serve for years to come.


  • Development design support
  • Design for manufacturing support
  • Bearing analysis
  • Testing and data analysis
  • Material science analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • In-house mass production manufacturing technologies
  • Ultra precision machining
  • Vertical integration

These capabilities afford NMB an unparalleled advantage in terms of quality, supply capability, flexibility, lead time and cost competitiveness that no other manufacturer can offer.

Small Bearing with Shaft
Small Bearing Assembly
Two Bearing Assembly
Two Bearing Assembly
Full Round Assembly
Full Round Assembly

About Mechanical Bearing Assemblies

A bearing is a device that is used to reduce friction in a machine. It is either sliding or rolling in nature. A custom mechanical bearing assembly from NMB consists of high precision NMB ball bearings and can include machined shafts, magnets, gears, plastic parts, and special materials. Our mechanical bearing assemblies are custom-made and manufactured in Japan and Thailand. Mechanical bearing assemblies from NMB are a turn-key solution designed to meet the customer’s specifications.

Precision Ball Bearings

As the first component of custom mechanical bearing assemblies from NMB, our miniature precision ball bearings are an integral part of achieving the high quality standards, cost effectiveness, and reliability in bearing assemblies. Because precision ball bearings are such a critical component in mechanical bearing assemblies, knowing more about ball bearings can help you to understand fully the right custom mechanical bearing assembly for your application.

Ball Bearings

The main components of a ball bearing include the inner race that rotates the shaft, the outer race that helps transfer the load from the bearing to the housing, the rolling element balls that distribute the load throughout the raceways, and the cage that acts as a barrier between the balls.

The Care of Precision Ball Bearings

There are many factors that can negatively affect the life expectancy of a ball bearing. Some of these factors are contamination, rust, shock forces and application environments. A very high percentage of bearing failures are the result of improper handling. Good performance requires treatment that takes into account ball bearing characteristics, proper lubrication and operating environment.