Mechanical Bearing Assembly Applications

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The precision mechanical bearing assemblies manufactured by NMB are in use by a variety of customer and industries. Custom-made in Japan or Thailand and delivered ready-to-use, NMB’s mechanical bearing assemblies are an ideal solution for many applications. Explore the mechanical bearing assembly applications below to learn about how our bearing assemblies are currently being used. When you are ready to discuss your application, contact us to help you design your custom mechanical bearing assembly.

Sample Applications for NMB’s Precision Mechanical Bearing Assemblies

Tape Guides

Tape guides: a mechanical bearing assembly application
Tape guides are manufactured using high precision NMB miniature ball bearings as well as non-magnetic materials such as aluminum, SUS 303 stainless steel, and a large availability of different types of resin materials. Metallic tape guides can also be hard plated with non-magnetic electroless nickel plating as well as other special hard coating.

Tape guides can be designed straight or flanged, and with standard widths ranging from 4mm to 25.4mm. NMB will manufacture tape guides for special size tapes, according to your particular requirements.
Tape Guides Applications:

  • Office automation equipment
  • Magnetic tape devices in audio and video equipment
  • Data recorders

Custom Pulleys

Custom pulleys: a mechanical bearing assembly application
Custom pulleys integrate NMB’s precision miniature bearings into the customer design. The precision bearings are press fitted, bonded or over-molded to produce the pulley. Pulleys can be developed and manufactured with grooves, gears, rubber, and shafts, and are designed to increase the accuracy of your application.
Custom Pulleys Applications:

  • Machinery automation
  • Industrial applications

Special Mechanical Bearing Assemblies

Special mechanical bearing assemblies
Complex mechanical bearing assemblies are custom made per customer’s requirements. All special assemblies begin with a new design and the opportunity to create a component that will increase the value and decrease the manufacturing cost of your design.
Special Mechanical Bearing Assemblies Applications:

  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive
  • Automation

Precision Gears

Precision gears: a mechanical bearing assembly application This product is comprised of gears ranging from 0.1mm to 1.5mm, with the largest diameter at Ø 120. Manufactured with precision gear cutters, the maximum gear accuracy is up to JGA 1st class, and approximately AGMA 12.
Available Gears include:

  • Spur
  • Helical
  • Worm
  • Bevel (Gleason)

Precision Gears Applications:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Robotics
  • Medical equipment
  • Gear heads
  • Differential gear head assembly
  • Aircraft applications

Precision Machined Components

Precision machined components: a mechanical bearing assembly application
These precision machined components use a variety of metals and plastics and are manufactured per customer’s designs and specifications.
Precision Machine Components Applications:

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Data processing equipment
  • Currency machines and equipment
  • Electromechanical components
  • Home appliances


Pulley Bearing Assemlies
Pulley Bearing Assemlies
Tape Guide Assemblies
Tape Guide Assemblies


Ball Bearings in Mechanical Bearing Assembly Applications

The most commonly used ball bearing is the plain ball bearing and the rolling bearing. Its smooth surface allows it to manage thrust and radial loads and reduce friction. A standard ball bearing consists of an outer ring, inner ring, retainers, balls, shields, and snap rings. NMB has been manufacturing high precision ball bearings since 1951. With over 25 manufacturing facilities scattered around the globe, NMB is considered a leader in the manufacturing of miniature and instrument ball bearings.
A ball bearing’s precision depends upon the raceway roundness of the inner and outer rings and the roundness of the balls. Minebea, NMB’s parent company, manufactures 8,500 different types of miniature and small sized ball bearings, most of which have external diameters of 22mm or less.
In order to perform well, a ball bearing must be properly lubricated. The right lubricant affects the torque, noise, life, grease migration, temperature, and rust prevention of the bearing. The most widely used lubricants are oil and grease. Applications that need a low amount of torque use oil as a lubricant. Grease is preferred in prelubricating bearings as it helps prohibit the oil migration from the lubrication site.
Our application engineers will be happy to help you find the right type of mechanical bearing assembly or ball bearing to suit your budget and requirements.