Mechanical Bearing Assembly Manufacturing Expertise

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NMB’s competitive advantages include ultra precision machining, mass production technologies and our own vertical integration systems.
This vertically integrated manufacturing system includes assembly and testing, in-house production of parts as well as development, design, analysis and quality control. The ultraprecision machining and mass production technologies enable the company to achieve unmatched levels of precision in all the products we manufacture.

Vertical Integration

Our system for mechanical bearing assembly manufacturing encompasses all processes from research, design and production to maintenance of dies, production of parts for in-house use and assembly and testing. This system gives NMB a sharp edge in terms of quality, supply, capabilities, manufacturing costs and lead time as we manufacture mechanical bearing assemblies.
Vertical Integration of mechanical bearing assembly production includes the in-house manufacturing of:

Dies and Tools

High precision dies and tools manufactured by NMB
High precision dies and tools are produced and repaired on a large scale production line at our Bang Pa-In facility in Thailand. This makes it possible for mass production of pressed parts and plastic injection molded parts used in a variety of NMB products, including precision mechanical bearing assemblies. This manufacturing division also produces jigs and tools for die production and repair, and plays an important role in establishing NMB/Minebea’s integrated manufacturing system.

Ball Manufacturing

Ball Manufacturing
NMB manufactures ball exclusively for its ball bearings, giving us an unmatched advantage in terms of quality, supply capabilities, cost competitiveness and speed of delivery. Usually between five and thirteen balls are used in a ball bearing. The most prevalent materials used are chrome steel and stainless steel, as well as fine ceramics. The miniature precision ball bearings we manufacture are the first component of our mechanical bearing assemblies.

Pressed Parts

Pressed parts for mechanical bearing assembly manufacture

NMB’s pressed parts productions include outer rings, inner rings, retainers, shields and snap rings.

Plastic Injection

Plastic injection materials for manufacturing mechanical bearing assemblies
The production of molded parts includes materials for mechanical bearing assemblies, as well as injection parts such as impellers and keycaps.

Machined Parts

Machined parts for mechanical bearing assemblies
Inner and outer rings as well as shafts, pins and gears for motors and bearing assemblies are produced using proprietary machining processes.


Ultra-Precision Machining Technologies

Ultra-precision machining technologies for mechanical bearing assembly manufacturing

NMB has cultivated ultra precision machining technologies since the start of our operations as a bearing manufacturer. Ball bearings, in particular miniature and instrument ball bearings, are manufactured with 0.001 micron precision, and are a crucial, high-precision machined component. The inclusion of our miniature precision ball bearings ensures that each mechanical bearing assembly from NMB is of the highest quality.
The precision of a ball bearing is determined by several factors, including the raceway roundness of the inner and outer rings, roundness of balls and the raw materials used in each bearing component. Improving bearing precision demands uncompromising strictness on all counts. The ability to mass produce high precision miniature ball bearings while ensuring a stable level of quality requires production lines composed of high precision machining and assembly equipment, as well as high level maintenance technology to ensure line efficiency. These factors cannot be easily matched by any of our competitors.

Manufacturing Facilities

NMB manufacturing facility in Bang Pa-In, Thailand
NMB Manufacturing Facility in Bang Pa-In, Thailand

Since 1982, Thailand has become home of the Minebea Group of Companies largest production base, comprising of 5 manufacturing locations and three local subsidiaries. The Bang Pa-In manufacturing facility produces small size ball bearings, small motors and other products for global markets.
At the present time, miniature ball bearings and small motors are produced entirely in Thailand; from the component stage on, and exported worldwide.
Thailand is also home of NMB’s Ayutthaya Plant for the production of miniature ball bearings; the Rojana Plant is used for surface treatment and production of die cast parts for in-house use. The Lop Buri Plant is responsible for the production of small motors, electronic devices and components for global markets. And finally the Navanakorn Plant, opened in 2009, produces permanent magnet step motors for global markets.
NMB also operates the Materials Science Laboratories in Thailand, which conduct a range of analytical and acoustical testing.
NMB’s worldwide manufacturing facilities hold the following quality certifications:

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 90001:2000
  • OHSAS 18001
  • TS 16949


Ball Bearing Components
NMB Ball Bearing Components

Mechanical Bearing Assembly Manufacturer Expertise

Minebea Co., Ltd. was established in 1951 as Japan’s first specialized manufacturer of miniature ball bearings. All NMB offices and R & D centers worldwide are  an integral part of the Minebea Group of Companies, with resources such as 50,000 peopled employed globally as well as 25 manufacturing facilities around the world. NMB has developed solid partnerships over the last few years and has become one of the leading authorities in the manufacturing of electro-mechanical components. NMB’s miniature ball bearings are widely used for many applications.

Why Choose NMB  for Your Mechanical Bearing Assembly Needs?

As a manufacturer, NMB provides unmatchable cooling fans, blowers and custom solutions, quality small motors, and high precision miniature ball bearings, among others. NMB’s services and solutions span the medical, automotive, and industrial sectors. Our strict adherence to environmental policies and procedures has given us an edge over our competition. Our design and engineering teams worldwide continuously strive to develop innovative products, keeping the environment and our customers in mind.
For more information on our precision mechanical bearing assemblies, our manufacturing processes, or designing a custom mechanical bearing assembly for your application please contact us.