Miniature Ball Bearing Basics

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The miniature ball bearing is one of the signature items in the NMB line of products. We manufacture precision miniature ball bearings to exacting specifications for a variety of applications. Use this page to learn a little bit more about the miniature ball bearing and what it can do for you and your industry.

What Is a Miniature Ball Bearing?

A miniature ball bearing simply refers to the smallest size of ball bearings available. Measuring the outer diameter, this usually means an inch or smaller, or 20 millimeters or smaller when measuring metrically. NMB miniature ball bearings can get as small as 1 millimeter, or .1181 inches. Ball bearings of this size are ideal for precision work and applications that require a lot of functional mechanical parts in a small space.

What Do Miniature Ball Bearings Do?

Miniature ball bearings, like all ball bearings, are designed to handle loads and reduce friction so that those loads are moved easily through the application. Loads handled by ball bearings can be radial, bearing loads perpendicular to axle, or thrust, bearing loads in an axial direction. Of course, since these ball bearings are small, they will be able to carry lighter loads, but you will be able to get more ball bearings into your application.

What Kind of Applications Make Use of Miniature Ball Bearings?

There are a great many applications for which miniature ball bearings are ideal. For example, stainless steel miniature ball bearings are perfect for handheld medical and dental equipment, tools which must be very small but also very precise and durable, as well as corrosion-resistant. Miniature ball bearings may also be found in clocks and watches, model cars, and many other useful applications.

More on Miniature Ball Bearings

NMB produces a variety of different miniature ball bearing types for you to choose from. Your ball bearings can have flanges or no flanges. They can be shielded or open. Many users prefer shielded ball bearings to protect against leaks and contamination, but this may not be a particular concern in your application. The bearings can be chromium steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel ball bearings provide greater corrosion resistance. NMB manufactures ball bearings for highly noise sensitive applications and for axial vs. radial loads and vice versa. If you know what your ball bearing needs are, NMB can almost certainly help. If you don’t know what your ball bearing needs are quite yet, NMB can help you there, too. Navigate the bearing sections of the site to learn as much as you need to about the different types of ball bearings, ball bearing parts, and ball bearing assembly design options. When you’ve narrowed down your search, use the fields provided to locate the ball bearings that NMB has in stock that are just right for your needs. You can also use the site to find a distributor in your area. NMB has distributors that service the United States coast to coast and can service clients outside the United States, too, so you’ll have no trouble filling your ball bearing inventory requirements fast.

Additional Information

If, after navigating as much of the site as you care to, you still have questions about NMB ball bearings or parts, we want to help. Contact us at NMB for a simple, clear answer to your ball bearing question, whether it’s about which type of ball bearings you need, how they work, or how you can get them. We’re eager to discuss our high quality miniature ball bearings and get them into your applications where they can do the most good.