Metric Series Bearings - Outer Reference Diameter 1341mm

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Outer Reference Diameter
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  Part Number Shield Flange Bore O.D. In Stock  
DDR-1640 Product Thumbnail DDR-1640
Part Details CAD Available
openunflanged4.016.0 Yes Request Quote
DDR-1640HH Product Thumbnail DDR-1640HH
Part Details CAD Available
shieldedunflanged4.016.0 Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
DDR-1650HH Product Thumbnail DDR-1650HH
Part Details CAD Available
shieldedunflanged5.016.0 Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
DDRF-1640 Product Thumbnail DDRF-1640
Part Details CAD Available
openflanged4.016.0 No Request Quote
DDRF-1650 Product Thumbnail DDRF-1650
Part Details CAD Available
openflanged5.016.0 Yes Request Quote
DDRF-1650HH Product Thumbnail DDRF-1650HH
Part Details CAD Available
shieldedflanged5.016.0 Yes Request Quote
R-1640DD Product Thumbnail R-1640DD
Part Details
SealedUnflanged4.016.0 Yes Request Quote
R-1640HH Product Thumbnail R-1640HH
Part Details CAD Available
ShieldedUnflanged4.016.0 Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
R-1640ZZ Product Thumbnail R-1640ZZ
Part Details
ShieldedUnflanged4.016.0 No Request Quote
R-1650DD Product Thumbnail R-1650DD
Part Details
SealedUnflanged5.016.0 Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
R-1650HH Product Thumbnail R-1650HH
Part Details CAD Available
ShieldedUnflanged5.016.0 Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
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