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The following white papers have been written to provide solutions and information
to the challenges that the engineer faces when selecting the correct component for his
application. It is our intention to continue to grow the information provided here,
and we encourage you to come back to this page periodically for new published papers.
The white papers listed below, are ready to be downloaded.

What is a Ball Bearing?

Most people will give no thought to a ball bearing, however, in the real world of a design engineer, it becomes a critical component and a key “must have” in an application that requires precision movement, friction reduction and smooth operation. In this paper you will discover what makes a ball bearing rotate, and the degree of precision necessary to make this beautiful and simple design work.

What is a Ball Bearing – Part2

The manufacturing process for miniature ball bearings requires extremely delicate and sophisticated precision. Maintaining the integrity of the product, controlling the manufacturing conditions, designing and creating automated machinery to a high degree of precision; all this culminates in our customers receiving an NMB bearing of the highest quality.

Ball Bearings – Designing to Lower Cost

The majority of applications can be effectively handled using a “standard bearing”.
A standard bearing in this case, refers to a bearing that is in such worldwide demand
that large volumes are produced. This virtually guarantees continuity of supply while
assuring pricing benefits for your customer. This engineering document emphasizes the
importance of selecting the right bearing at the design stage.

Ball Bearings – Importance of Lubrication Selection

When a bearing must perform under demanding conditions, the lubricant selection
becomes critical. Bearing lubrication will affect life, torque, speed, noise, and
rust prevention, among others. This engineering document lists lubrication types
and lubrication methods. A table of commonly used lubricants is also included.

Care and Handling of Bearings

Miniature bearings are high precision devices compared to many mechanical parts.
Good performance will require treatment that takes into account their characteristics
and operating environment. A high percentage of bearing problems, including failures,
are the result of improper handling procedures. The information in this paper will
help you identify the most common causes of bearing failure, and how to avoid them.