Selection of Brush DC Motors – Round Shape

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Selecting According to Shape – Round type

Motor shape can generally be divided into flat and round types. The flat type is mainly used for feeding and loading. The round type is mainly used for spindles, but can also be used for feeding and loading. Motor output is basically proportional to the voltage used and the motor size, so selecting the largest size allowable is best for power consumption and the life of the machine. Even with the same size motor, the output and current consumption, starting torque and cogging torque will vary depending on the type of magnet used and the winding specifications, so please check the characteristics for each type of motor.

Appearance shape matrix

Appearance shape matrix

The appearance size of each type

Unit (mm)
Height Shaft
Tap Pitch Input
MDN1 23.9 8.0 2.0 6-M1.7 19.0 Lead wire
MDN2 24.0 10.0 2.0 6-M1.7 16.5, 18 Lead wire
MDN3 24.0 12.3 2.0 6-M1.7 16.5 Lead wire & Terminal
MXN13 25.5 31.0 2.0 2-M3 17.0 Terminal