Selection of Brush DC Motors – Spindle

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Selecting by Spindle

Round motors are generally used as spindle motors due to the need for high-rotation precision, a high-accurate shaft perpendicularity, low noise and long life. Motor output is basically proportional to the voltage used and the motor size, so selecting the largest size allowable is best for power consumption and the life of the machine. Please select the motor size, rated voltage, shape of input terminals and shaft dimensions best suited for your needs.

Appearance shape matrix

Brush DC Motors by Spindle

Characteristic – Spindle type

Rated Voltage
Rated Load
Rated Load Speed
Voltage Range
MDN1 2.0 0.294
1360~2250 0.7~6.0
MDN2 2.0~5.0 0.392~147
2750~2900 0.7~6.0
MDN3 2.0~3.0 0.392
1480~2590 0.7~6.0