Selection of Brush DC Motors – Introduction

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We provide low-priced, easy-to-use, high-precision motors, with a broad range of applications from AV appliances, OA appliances and other electrical uses. Our unique development and supply system enable you to choose from a wide selection of sizes and outputs that vary from compact, thin types to high torque types, with a combination of characteristics to suit your particular application requirements.

Brush DC Motors
This guide will help you to select the appropriate motor
to meet your size, usage applications and standard load/rpm
requirements. We recommend that you select the optimum motor
characteristics for the application, usage conditions, structure of the
actual motor installed and temperature range, etc. After using this guide to make
your selection, order a sample and test it in the actual application.
To request a product sample, please contact our nearest
sales office.

This guide is not part of the specifications
manual. Please use it only as a reference when selecting a motor. The contents
of this guide may change without notice. Changes to this guide have no
relationship to products listed in the Specifications Manual or in production. If
changes to this guide do have an impact on the
Specifications Manual we will submit a change authorization request to
our customers, and make the necessary changes only after receiving