Brushless DC Motors

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You’ve got a number of choices for your motor project needs, and brushless DC motors are just one of them. However, many engineers and designers will tell you that a brushless motor is the best type of motor for many projects. Why is that the case? To answer this question we need to start with a good understanding of what brushless DC motors are, as distinguished from their predecessors, brush or brushed DC motors, which are still used today as well. We’ll also walk you through the advantages that a brushless motor offers. Read on to find out why brushless motors are the best choice for many applications.

What Is a Brushless DC Motor?

Brushless DC motors, also known as BLDC motors, are synchronous electric motors which move around, or are “commutated”, electronically, with DC current powering magnets that move the rotor around within the stator. Instead of brushes and a commutator, BLDC motors use a step motor controller to create the rotation that turns electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Advantages of Brushless Motors

Brushless DC motors have many advantages over their brushed DC motor counterparts. The most obvious advantage of a brushless motor is its lack of brushes and physical commutator. This difference means that there are many fewer parts that can wear out or break and need to be replaced than in a brushed motor. A BLDC motors tend to be more reliable, last longer, and be more efficient. In fact, BLDC motors have life expectancies of over 10,000 hours.

Another advantage of a brushless motor is that it can operate at speeds above 10,000 rpm in both loaded and unloaded conditions. It is also capable of operating with less noise and electromagnetic interference than a brushed motor because its internal parts are completely enclosed.

Brushless Motor Applications

Any job that uses a brush DC motor can use a brushless DC motor instead. BLDC motors are used in PC cooling fans, DVD players, turntables, and even electric cars. They are also in demand for use in model aircraft because of their ability to provide the necessary power at a low weight. If you’re looking for increased motor efficiency, check to see if you can replace the brush motor you’re currently using in your project with a BLDC motor.

Why Brushless Motors Are a Great Choice

And there you have it! The increased efficiency and reliability that a brushless motor offers, along with its low weight and small size, make this type of motor the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Find the brushless motor that’s ideal for your project today.