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Company Overview

NMB is part of the MinebeaMitsumi Group of Companies. MinebeaMitsumi Inc. is a comprehensive manufacturer of high precision components. With 36 manufacturing facilities and a multinational presence in 18 countries, including Thailand, China, Singapore, Japan, Europe and North America, MinebeaMitsumi remains a world leader in the design and manufacturing of electro-mechanical components.

From the beginning, NMB has believed in creating strong partnerships with our customers. This commitment to our customers is demonstrated by making available local application engineers, knowledgeable direct sales, and partnering with world class distributors and local representatives who know our products and its quality inside out.

At NMB, our commitment to our customers compels us to protect the supply chain, drive cost efficiency, and hold quality to the highest standard. Quality in our people, quality in our services, and quality in our products, continues to be
our primary component.

In America

NMB Minebea US HQ Novi MI crop

NMB Technologies Corp., Novi, Michigan

NMB Technologies Corporation
A MinebeaMitsumi  Group Company
39830 Grand   River Avenue
Novi, Michigan
Tel: 248-919-2250

NMBTC ISO 9001 2008



NMB Langen 2

NMB Minebea GmbH Germany

In Europe


NMB Minebea GmbH
Siemensstraße 30
63225 Langen
Telefon: +49 (0) 6103-913-0
Fax: +49 (0) 6103-913-220
TUEV CERT 9001 2008 MINEBEA 2014

Legal Notice / Information


NMB Minebea France

NMB Minebea France

NMB Minebea S.ARL.
5, Avenue des Bosquets
Les Ponts de Ballet,
95560, Ballet en France
Tel: 33-1-34083939
Fax: 33-1-34083930



NMB Italia

NMB Italia

NMB Italia S.R.L.
Via A, Grandi, 39-41
20017 Mazzo Di Rho

Tel: 39-02-939711
Fax: 39-02-93901154