DC Fans Common Specifications

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DC Fans
■ Standard

Vibration Test:Conforms to JIS C 60068-2-6
Amplitude: 1.5mm
Frequency 10 to 55 Hz, 1 hour.
In each of the X, Y and Z directions.
Shock Test:Conforms to JIS C 60068-2-27
Acceleration 981 m/s2*
Application time 6ms.
Once each in the X, Y and Z directions.*
*) 1004KL, 1204KL, 1404KL,
1604KL, 1606KL, 1608KL, 2004KL, 2106KL, 2404KL,
2406GL, BM4515, BM5115, BM5125 and BM6015 Series The conditions of shock test on the listed models are as belows

                                   Acceleration rate: 500 m/s2
Application time:  11ms
Once each in the X, Y and Z directions.

Locked Rotor
Protection:The motor is protected from burnout in the locked rotor condition for 72
hours, at the rated voltage.
Polarity Protection:The fans are Reverse Polarity protected at the rated voltage.
Insulation Class:E class (UL: Class A) >
Auto Restart:Most fan models provide current shut-down/auto restart function under locked
rotor conditions.


■ Notes

Additional performance requirements may be determined between manufacturer
and customer,
based on customer’s request.
Fans may be installed in a horizontal, vertical, or angled position.