Measurements & Conversions

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Airflow Pressure Measurement

An AMCA 210 double chamber is used to accurately measure air volume and static pressure.

Maximum Static Pressure:  When the nozzle is closed, the pressure in chamber A will reach maximum.
Maximum Airflow:  When opening the nozzle and absorbing the air using the auxiliary blower to make the static pressure zero (Ps=0), the differential pressure (Pn) between A chamber and B chamber will reach maximum.
The airflow obtained by applying the differential pressure (Pn) to the above equation can be called the maximum airflow.
Fan performance is calculated using the data obtained from this equipment according to the following formula:
Airflow Equation:


Units of Measure and Conversion

Fan airflow, static pressure, temperature and dimensions are often referred to in a variety of unit measures.  Below are the measures and methods of conversion.

Static Pressure

Fan Temperature and Linear Dimension Conversions