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  Part Number Voltage Air Flow Size Depth PDF In Stock  
08015JE-12K-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 08015JE-12K-BA
Part Details
1215.548015.0PDF Download No Request Quote
08015JE-12L-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 08015JE-12L-BA
Part Details
1219.078015.0PDF Download No Request Quote
08015JE-12M-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 08015JE-12M-BA
Part Details
1222.258015.0PDF Download Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
09232JE-12K-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 09232JE-12K-BA
Part Details
1229.669232.0PDF Download No Request Quote
09232JE-12M-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 09232JE-12M-BA
Part Details
1243.799232.0PDF Download Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
10030GE-12K-YA-F0 Product Thumbnail 10030GE-12K-YA
Part Details
1230.3710030.0PDF Download No Request Quote
10030GE-12M-YA-F0 Product Thumbnail 10030GE-12M-YA
Part Details
1234.9610030.0PDF Download No Request Quote
10030GE-12N-YA-F0 Product Thumbnail 10030GE-12N-YA
Part Details
1237.0810030.0PDF Download Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
11338JE-12K-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 11338JE-12K-BA
Part Details
1233.2011338.0PDF Download No Request Quote
11338JE-12L-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 11338JE-12L-BA
Part Details
1252.4711338.0PDF Download Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
12038GE-12L-YA-F0 Product Thumbnail 12038GE-12L-YA
Part Details
1236.3712038.0PDF Download No Request Quote
12038GE-12M-YA-F0 Product Thumbnail 12038GE-12M-YA
Part Details
1241.6712038.0PDF Download No Request Quote
12038GE-12N-YA-F0 Product Thumbnail 12038GE-12N-YA
Part Details
1245.2012038.0PDF Download Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
12537JE-12M-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 12537JE-12M-BA
Part Details
1257.2112537.0PDF Download No Request Quote
12537JE-12N-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 12537JE-12N-BA
Part Details
1269.2212537.0PDF Download No Request Quote
12537JE-12P-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 12537JE-12P-BA
Part Details
1276.6312537.0PDF Download Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
12539JA-12L-BA-00 Product Thumbnail 12539JA-12L-BA
Part Details
1246.9712539.0PDF Download No Request Quote
12539JA-12M-BA-00 Product Thumbnail 12539JA-12M-BA
Part Details
1257.2612539.0PDF Download Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
12539JE-12K-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 12539JE-12K-BA
Part Details
1262.1512539.0PDF Download No Request Quote
12539JE-12L-BA-F0 Product Thumbnail 12539JE-12L-BA
Part Details
1274.8712539.0PDF Download Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
15047JA-12J-YA-00 Product Thumbnail 15047JA-12J-YA
Part Details
1275.9315047.0PDF Download No Request Quote
15047JA-12K-YA-00 Product Thumbnail 15047JA-12K-YA
Part Details
1291.8215047.0PDF Download Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
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