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The following white papers have been written to provide solutions and information to the challenges that the engineer faces when selecting the correct component for his application. It is our intention to continue to grow the information provided here, and we encourage you to come back to this page periodically for new published papers. You can sign up for our RSS and our newsletter to receive information once new white papers have been posted.

The white papers listed below, are ready to be downloaded.

Fan Efficiency – An Increasingly Important Selection Criteria

Why is fan efficiency so important? As a general rule, successive generations of electronic enclosures such as personal computers, telecommunications cabinets, as well as system routers, pack increasing functionality into smaller and smaller spaces. Thermal engineers will often force air through a system using fans to regulate the internal temperatures; however as the aerodynamic performance increases so will input power.

Ball vs. Sleeve – A Comparison in Bearing Performance

When selecting a fan, the bearings might not come to play in your decision, however, the importance on fan life, heat endurance, noise and costs can not be ignored. The selection criteria for choosing the correct fan with the correct bearings are discussed in this paper.

Choosing a Fan That Best Fits Your Application

To meet the consumer’s ever-increasing demand for faster, more advanced technology, design engineers are creating systems that maximize power while minimizing space. Yet this additional power provides design engineers with a new problem…heat. Without a proper cooling mechanism, a system can overheat and malfunction. To protect the design, the engineer must select the right fan for the application.

The Heart of Your System: The Fan

Covering the importance of selecting the right fan for your CPU cooling application, this white paper presents the fan as the heart of your system. The fan, like the heart, helps regulate internal temperature, which is fundamental to the preservation of both your body and your computer. If the internal temperature of a computer rises too high, crucial components will fail to operate properly. In fact, the fan can be thought of as the heart of any system: if the fan fails, other critical components are at risk of failure, thus leaving the entire system compromised and likely inoperable.

DC Brushless Cooling Fan Behavior

DC brushless cooling fans are found in many new applications today; and are being evaluated by engineers that may not have preciously used fans in their products. These engineers may not be familiar with all of the “undocumented features” that are inherent to these types of fans. If the engineer is not familiar with the characteristics of airmoving devices, they could be in for a nasty surprise.