Fluid Dynamic Bearing Motors

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        FDB SP2B Data Sheet

Fluid Dynamic Bearing  Brushless 3-Phase Motor 

The FDB BLDC motor combines the advantages of a BLDC (brushless DC) motor with the cutting edge technology of our FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing).
The Fluid Dynamic Bearing eliminates the limited precision of ball bearings, minimizing the non-repeatable run out, lowering acoustic noise level, and improving reliability.  The FDB was originally developed to satisfy the ultra-precise mechanical requirements and long working life of the hard disk drive market.


This hydrodynamic bearing system (FDB) is the right choice for your high precision application.
A BLDC motor is brushless, the commutation is done electronically. There is no need for brushes, as the torque is a function of the electronic action of the brushless motor on the commutator. This means that a brushless motor has fewer parts that can wear out and there is never any need to be concerned about the condition of the brushes. A BLDC motor is longer lasting and more reliable than their brushed counterparts. It’s a very effective motor with an optimized electromagnetic design for noise, vibration and jitter which last for the long-term.
 The FDB BLDC motor offers superior performance in terms of:
  • Extremely quiet running and high running accuracy
  • High rotational speed, up to 15,000 rpm
  • Low Vibration
  • Low run out (NRRO below 40 nm)
  • Wobble error < 3″
  • Low acoustic noise level
  • Long working life due to lack of mechanical wear
  • Low electric power consumption
This hydrodynamic bearing system (FDB) is the right choice for your high precision applications, including:
  • Virtual Reality – Laser tracking scanner
  • LiDAR
  • 3D Scanning