Planetary Gearboxes Hybrid Motor Series

Hybrid Planetary Gearboxes Motors

Planetary gearboxes, also known as epicyclic gearboxes, provide increased torque with a reduced size motor. This can be quite useful in applications that need a lot of power but do not have a lot of room available for a motor. A hybrid motor with planetary gearbox combines the accuracy of a hybrid motor with the great power-to-size ratio of planetary gearboxes, resulting in an extremely efficient motor for high performance jobs.

Hybrid Gearbox Motors Listing

Model Number Standard Motor
Length (mm)
Mounting Face RFQ PDF
10GR-K0 34 (mm) Round Send RFQ
10GR-K4 48 (mm) Round Send RFQ
10GR-K4L 60 (mm) Round Send RFQ
14GN-K2 22 (mm) NEMA 14 Send RFQ
14GN-K0 26 (mm) NEMA 14 Send RFQ
17GN-K7 26 (mm) NEMA 17 Send RFQ
17GN-K2 30 (mm) NEMA 17 Send RFQ
17GN-K0 34 (mm) NEMA 17 Send RFQ
17GN-K3 38 (mm) NEMA 17 Send RFQ
17GN-K1 42 (mm) NEMA 17 Send RFQ
17GN-K4 48 (mm) NEMA 17 Send RFQ
17GR-K7 26 (mm) Round Send RFQ
17GR-K2 30 (mm) Round Send RFQ
17GR-K0 34 (mm) Round Send RFQ
17GR-K3 38 (mm) Round Send RFQ
17GR-K1 42 (mm) Round Send RFQ
17GR-K4 48 (mm) Round Send RFQ
14GR-K2 22 (mm) Round Send RFQ
14GR-K0 26 (mm) Round Send RFQ
23GN-K2 42 (mm) NEMA 23 Send RFQ
23GN-K3 50 (mm) NEMA 23 Send RFQ
23GN-K0 54 (mm) NEMA 23 Send RFQ
23GN-K1 67 (mm) NEMA 23 Send RFQ
23GN-K7 76 (mm) NEMA 23 Send RFQ
23GR-K2 42 (mm) Round Send RFQ
23GR-K3 50 (mm) Round Send RFQ
23GR-K0 54 (mm) Round Send RFQ
23GR-K1 67 (mm) Round Send RFQ
23GR-K7 76 (mm) Round Send RFQ
34GN-K0 66 (mm) NEMA 34 Send RFQ
34GN-K1 96 (mm) NEMA 34 Send RFQ
34GN-K2 126 (mm) NEMA 34 Send RFQ
34GR-K0 66 (mm) Round Send RFQ
34GR-K1 96 (mm) Round Send RFQ
34GR-K2 126 (mm) Round Send RFQ

Planetary Gearboxes Explained

The principle behind planetary gearboxes is that there is a central "sun" gear around which multiple "planet" gears rotate. Because several gears in the gearboxes are sharing the load, much less pressure is put on each individual gear. This allows motors to have much smaller gears and much smaller gearboxes while planetary gearboxes are able to provide such a significant amount of power and torque capacity relative to their size. Motors with gearboxes like these are used in a range of applications such as industrial sewing machines, medical equipment, and printing.

Find Your Planetary Gearbox

NMB has a variety of hybrid planetary gearbox motors to meet your needs. You can get these motors in lengths varying from 22mm to 126mm. Opt for a round mounting face for your hybrid planetary gearbox motor or a NEMA face in NEMA 14, 17, 23 or 34. If you're not looking for hybrid motors, motors with gearboxes are still an option. NMB provides PM motors with a plastic planetary gearbox. As with the hybrid planetary gearbox motors, these motors provide power and torque in a compact size. The new GN and GR series of hybrid planetary gearboxes is designed for smooth, low speed operation and high output torque capacity. The planetary design ensures easy assembly in any application. NEMA mounting faces offer an industry standard mounting pattern. Round mounting faces are available for hard to fit applications. Designed using a dual ball bearing output shaft, they can withstand elevated radial and axial loads without compromising the gearing integrity.