Motorized Impellers

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Motorized Impellers
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Motorized Impellers are suited for electronic cabinet cooling, telecommunications, air filtration, networking and ventilation systems. This style of impellers adapts easily to a wide range of applications, and custom packaging is available to meet specialized requirements. The NMB motorized impellers have the below mentioned features and options.


  • Variable speed control either voltage or PWM input
  • Motor Speed (Tacho) output signal
  • Locked Rotor Protection
  • Motor Overload Protection
  • Motor slow start
  • Wide Voltage supply range
  • Reverse connection protection
  • Agency Approvals


  • IP54
  • Fan Fault Line
  • Closed Loop Speed Control
  • Integral RFI Testing
  • Over/Under voltage Indication or Protection
  • Speed Indication or Protection

NMB Motorized Impellers are designed for engineered air moving applications in electronics and other equipment where high reliability, high airflow, high static pressures, and limited space are primary considerations. Constructed of either plastic or galvanized steel, these impellers have an external rotor design, and long life NMB ball bearing motors. Available in 12, 24 or 48 VDC, these DC Motorized Impellers feature brushless motors that are both efficient and cost effective. With NMB ball bearings, these impellers have a longer life span, offering a trouble-free, maintenance-free solution to electronics cooling. Blowers are higher cost and typically generate more audible noise that axial fans.