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  Part Number Step Angle Frame Size Max Hold Torque PDF In Stock  
PM20L-020-HHC3 Product Thumbnail PM20L-020-HHC3
Part Details
18.002015PDF Download Yes Request Quote
PM25L-024-HHC5 Product Thumbnail PM25L-024-HHC5
Part Details
15.002526PDF Download Yes Request Quote
PM25S-048-HHC4 Product Thumbnail PM25S-048-HHC4
Part Details
7.502525PDF Download Yes Locate Inventory Request Quote
PM35L-048-HHC7 Product Thumbnail PM35L-048-HHC7
Part Details
7.503580PDF Download Yes Request Quote
PM35S-048-HHC6 Product Thumbnail PM35S-048-HHC6
Part Details
7.503549PDF Download No Request Quote
PM42L-048-HHC9 Product Thumbnail PM42L-048-HHC9
Part Details
7.5042124PDF Download Yes Request Quote
PM42S-048-HHC8 Product Thumbnail PM42S-048-HHC8
Part Details
7.504266PDF Download No Request Quote
PM55L-048-HHD0 Product Thumbnail PM55L-048-HHD0
Part Details
7.5055167PDF Download Yes Request Quote
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