Bearings for Throttle Body Motor

Throttle body motors play an important role in an automobile’s air-intake system which regulates the air flow that enters the engine. The throttle body motor is responsible for the decrease or increase in the air flow via the accelerator pedal. The accelerator pedal is connected to the throttle body motor through a cable. This cable communicates the actions of the pedals to the throttle body motor. The components in the throttle body motor include throttle linkages, which gets activated through the cable, and the throttle plate which consists of the butterfly valves, which gets activates via the linkage. The butterfly valve is responsible for regulating the correct volume of air flow depending on the communication transmitted from the motion of the accelerator pedals.

As automotive companies are constantly evolving to meet the demands for better fuel efficient cars with lower emissions, modern cars have electronically controlled throttle bodies which are capable of allowing precise volumes of air with the help of a throttle position sensor. The throttle position sensor, which is located on the throttle plate, connects to the engine control unit of a car, and transmits information on the accelerator pedal position to determine the throttle opening.

Benefits of NMB Bearings in Throttle Body Motor Applications

NMB bearings have also been constantly evolving with the automotive industry to expertly match the high standards of expectations of bearings for throttle body motor. NMB sealed bearings not only offer a better air volume control and lower friction capabilities, but can also help improve the speed of response. Our bearings are also cost effective choices, light in weight, and can be used in spaces that are constrained.

At NMB, we have years of experience in the manufacturing of all types of bearings, including: ball bearings, roller bearings, steel ball bearings, miniature ball bearings, roller bearings, and more. Our bearings operate smoothly, have a long life, and are extremely reliable. For quality bearings for throttle body motor and for customized bearing solutions, get in touch with NMB.