The Automotive Cooling Fan and Its Components

Automotive engineers, designers, and manufacturers constantly strive to create automobiles that are efficient, reliable, and comfortable. To achieve these goals, high quality components are a necessity. Concerns related to fuel economy, for example, are particular drivers of automotive manufacturing innovations. As the automobile industry is rapidly transformed by such technological changes and consumer demands, the components used in manufacturing must keep pace. The high quality ball bearings and cooling fan components from NMB Technologies Corporation continue to evolve and improve to meet the demands of the automotive industry.

With the variations in new vehicle design and customer comfort requirements, the demand for a proper cooling system to dissipate the high levels of heat produced or to cool the passenger cabin effectively is ever-increasing. To meet these cooling requirements, a deep understanding and accurate calculation of the performance of the automotive cooling fan is required. NMB Technologies has been manufacturing components used in the automotive industry, such as ball bearings for fan motors and cooling fans, for a long time. We understand that in order for a fan to function and cool effectively, efficient and reliable interaction between the fan components is very important. Automotive manufacturers are currently using NMB bearings and motors in cooling fan motors.

At NMB, we have been keeping pace with the technology changes occurring in every aspect of the automotive industry, and consequently, we constantly upgrade our products to meet manufacturing demands. Our ultra precision machining capabilities allow us to produce ball bearings, bearing assemblies, motors, and cooling fans that exceed expectations. NMB’s balance between production and research keeps us on the cutting-edge of component innovation and performance.

NMB Solutions for the Automotive Industry

We provide breakthrough solutions with our high quality components for the automotive industry. Whether you need a fan, ball bearings, or small motors for your application, you’ll find innovative solutions with NMB Technologies.