Headlight Motor

A headlight, a pair of which is attached to the front of any automobile, is meant to light up the road ahead during nighttime driving or in other periods of low visibility like rain, fog, and snow fall. A headlight is a critical part of a vehicle, giving the driver visibility into what's ahead of him or her.

In many vehicles, the headlight pair is able to move in order to perform its function even more effectively. A headlight motor can be used to move the headlights up and down or side to side. By facilitating this movement, a headlight motor helps focus the headlights and illuminate the road to give a better view of what's coming next or what's around a corner. Put simply, a headlight motor is responsible for the position of a vehicle's headlights. The motor is generally controlled by an electronic system via the cam-operated switch associated with each headlight motor. The headlight motor is also controlled by a switch on the automobile's dashboard.

How a Headlight Motor Works

In most cases, the headlight switch contains a Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) switch, in which the center contacts are connected to two different sources of +12 volts. Once the headlights are turned on, the +12 volts from the ignition switch are applied to the "on" contact of the headlight motor control portion of the switch. The headlight motor has two control lines that have steering diodes in series; one gives the "extend" command in the motors, and the other gives the "retract" command. The rotation direction of the motors is the same for both the downward and upward movements of the headlights.

Problems that Can Occur in Headlight Motors

If the headlight of the automobile does not move up and down when the system is operated, then there may be a problem with the headlight motor gear assembly. Some of the main types of problems that can occur in a headlight motor include mechanical faults like a bad motor, broken or jammed mechanical drives, drive power loss, motor control loss, and so on.

The motor in the headlight of an automobile is subjected to both external and internal factors that can damage the way the headlight operates. Some of the factors that can affect the motors include electrical faults, dust and dirt, corrosion, and more. To avoid problems, the components used in the headlight motors should be reliable and of high quality to offer optimal performance.

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