Motors for Lumbar Support Car Seat

To provide added comfort and convenience for consumers, the automotive industry is continually innovating automotive design features. One of the in-demand features in today's cars is lumbar support built in to vehicle seats. To achieve the control and responsiveness that users demand, manufacturers are incorporating highly precise motors into lumbar support car seats.

NMB Motors for Lumbar Support in Car Seats

Stepper motors enables drivers to control the precise positioning of the car seat through accurate and discrete "steps". These movements, or "steps", produced by stepper motors are driven by electric incoming pulses that determine the number of rotations and the speed at which the motors rotate, thus allowing the driver to fix the position of the car seat comfortably.

NMB motors, like stepper motors and brushless DC motors, make it possible to adjust the driver's seat according to the driver's comfort level and driving position preferences. Some car models even include the added feature of computer memory that can save the driver's personal driving position preferences and automatically adjust the car seat accordingly using the machinery's motor.

Benefits of Lumbar Support for Drivers

Because we spend so much time in our cars today, incorrect posture while driving has become one of the leading causes of back pain. It is becoming ever more important to sit in a car seat that helps us achieve a good posture while avoiding unnecessary stress on the back. For this reason, car seats that provide mechanized lumbar support are more than just a luxury. The proper lumbar support car seat allows for good driving ergonomics and safer driving.

Some of the ways a driver can improve his or her driving ergonomics by adjusting car seat lumbar support include:

  • Ensuring that the entire back has complete support from the lumbar support device. This involves reclining the seat enough to support the back while allowing the driver to drive comfortably.
  • The driver should sit as far back in the seat as possible while being able to grip the steering wheel comfortably. If the driver is too far back from the steering wheel, the lumbar support system can help the driver move forwards.
  • The driver should adjust the car seat in a tilt so that the driver's knees are lower than his or her hips. This improves circulation and decreases the pressure on the driver's back.

Why Use NMB Motors for Lumbar Support Applications?

Like every other automotive component, motors for lumbar support car seats must operate smoothly and reliably. To keep lumbar support devices working for the long term, it's critical to choose a motor that provides high quality and long life. NMB's stepper motors offer exceptional quality and long-lasting reliability. Our motors provide additional benefits: low maintenance requirements, high efficiency, and low noise. NMB can also collaborate with the automotive engineer to provide customized solutions for motors for lumbar support car seat and other automotive applications.