Automotive Product Design Applications

Automotive Product Design

NMB in the Automotive Industry

Automotive manufacturers around the world have been using NMB bearings in their throttle bodies, wiper motors, fan motors and anti-lock braking applications for many years. As automotive technology continues to evolve, so do the component offerings from NMB. We know that the ever-changing challenges that face automotive product design engineers mean that high quality, high performance components are always in demand. NMB provides components that perform at the high levels the automotive industry requires. We keep pace with the design innovations and technological advances taking place within the auto manufacturing industry by constantly challenging ourselves to supply customized automotive design solutions that provide flawless performance.

NMB's adoption and partnering of new technologies in the automotive industry has led us to supply brush motors, stepper motors, and cooling fans as well as miniature ball bearings, all of which are employed in a number of different applications by product design engineers.

NMB Components Used by the Automotive Industry Today

Today, you will find NMB bearings and motors playing a part in the design of the following product applications:

  • Instrument Cluster Gauges speedometer, tachometer, temp gauge, fuel gauge
  • Head Light Adjustment adjust and moves light direction and reflectors
  • Lumbar support adjustment for seats
  • Air Control Valves
  • Throttle Body Motor
  • Idle Air Control Valve
  • Cooling fan Motor
  • Wiper Motor

As a mass producer of high quality products, NMB brings manufacturing expertise, and cost competitiveness to the industry. As we move forward, NMB continues to focus on manufacturing technologies, and reinforces development of new products for the automotive industry.

Component and Product Information

In automotive product applications, components are often subjected to a variety of stressors, such as dust particles, heavy loads, high temperatures, and more. NMB's bearings, motors, and fans stand up to the challenges of automotive environments, allowing engineers to design products with confidence. Since the potential automotive applications for NMB components are almost limitless, let us introduce you to a couple of the components that often play a part in automotive product design: NMB brush motors.

Brush Motor Design and Performance

NMB's brush motors are used in a wide range of applications in the automotive industry. The motor's size and design are ideal for high speed applications that require quick responsiveness in a relatively small package.

The brush motor's design includes a stator, rotor, brushes, and a commutator. The stator is responsible for generating a stationary magnetic field. The rotor is made of one or more windings, which are energized to produce a magnetic field. The magnetic poles are then attracted to the opposite poles of the stator, causing the rotor to turn. The commutator, which is basically a copper sleeve, is located on the axle of the motor. As the motor turns, the brush slides over the commutator and generates a magnetic field inside the motor.

You'll find the brush motors used in product applications such as automatic car windows, automatic seat adjustments, and many more. The brush motor is relatively low in cost and simple in design, and is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different torque and speed specifications. So, no matter what your automotive design project is, you'll find a brush motor to suit your needs with NMB.