NMB Component Applications

The need for automation, miniaturization and quality components in most of today's products requires excellent cooling solutions, high quality small motors and ultra-precision machined ball bearing. Today, these components are supplied by NMB to design engineers developing products such as medical diagnostic equipment, automotive assemblies, and industrial machinery and controls.

The manufacturing process for NMB components for various applications includes production technology that ensures high quality and precision. We meet the needs of a variety of industries by making available an extensive product range with high load capability and that offer customized solutions to customers, meeting demands reliably with a fast turnaround time. Our products help to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and performance of a variety of applications. Some of the high quality components that NMB offers are miniature ball bearings, brush motors, cooling fans, ball bearings, step motors, and bearing assemblies.

To learn more about how NMB components perform in various applications, explore the information below about component use in three industries: medical, industrial, and automotive.

Medical Industry Applications

NMB has high precision products that perfectly meet a range of medical application needs. This includes stepper motors, miniature ball bearings, and cooling fans – all designed to make equipment operate with smooth, even movements. Whether you use the components in a laboratory or treatment setting, NMB products provide the reliability and performance that are important to any medical application. NMB components, such as bearings, bearing assemblies, and stepper motors, are frequently used in clinical analysis equipment. These uses include plate readers, liquid and specimen handling systems, storage retrieval systems, chromatography, sample transport and preparation systems, in vitro diagnostics, and much more. All of these laboratory automation equipment applications have an X, Y, and Z axis, requiring high precision levels. Additionally, some of these applications use geared aluminum or resin assemblies, meaning the equipment must provide consistent and precise results. NMB bearings can easily match the high level of precision that these applications require by facilitating precise movement control and allowing the equipment to deliver accurate results.

Industrial and Automation Industry Applications

As a manufacturer of reliable and quality brushless motors, miniature precision ball bearings, fans, and blowers, NMB Technologies Corporation is an integral part of the automation and industrial marketplace. Our components are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, from winding machines and pumps and valves to solutions for small motor manufacturing companies. Some of the industrial and automation solutions in which our products are used include fluid power valves and pumps, small robotics, textile machines, CNC milling and welding machines, coil winding machines, and postal and letter sorting machines.

Automotive Industry Applications

The automotive industry is constantly changing. As technology evolves to keep pace with the demand of automotive customers, so do NMB components evolve to match the demands of the automotive industry, allowing automotive manufacturers to meet the new challenges of consumer demand. As the automotive industry continues to innovate, the component offerings from NMB deliver efficient results. Some of the components supplied for automotive applications include stepper motors, brush motors, and cooling fans. Our bearings and motors have also been used in a variety of applications, such as instrument cluster gauges (speedometer, tachometer, temp gauge, and fuel gauge), movement devices for head light reflectors, air control valves, throttle body motors, idle air control valves, cooling fan motors, windshield wiper motors, and seat adjustment devices.

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