Cooling Fan Applications

Cooling fans and blowers are used primarily to dissipate heat. All types of equipment with mechanical operations, regardless of industry sector, generate heat. For many machines, excess heat that is not rapidly and effectively dissipated can cause a shortened lifespan and even mechanical failure. Heat is capable of damaging a machine, sometimes irreversibly. The use of a cooling fan, therefore, is crucial for protecting the optimal functioning and the life of machinery. For this reason, cooling solutions like fans and blowers are widely used to enable equipment and machines to perform reliably. Cooling fans disperse hot air from within a machine and bring in cooler air from the outside so that the machine can work in optimal conditions. Some types of equipment use more than one fan to maintain a constant temperature.

Industries in which NMB Cooling Fans Are Used

NMB's high quality cooling fans and blowers are used in a variety of applications in a variety of industries. Here we provide just a small sampling of the ways in which NMB cooling fans are employed.

Automotive Industry Applications

The automotive industry is a natural fit for NMB cooling fans. With the large amounts of heat generated by processes within an automobile, effective heat dissipation is critical. The ways in which NMB cooling fans are used in the automotive industry include:

Medical Industry Applications

Cooling fans manufactured by NMB offer the low noise and high reliability that medical device applications require. Some of the ways in which the medical industry uses NMB cooling fans include:

  • Laboratory automation equipment
  • Patient treatment devices

Industrial Automation Engineering Applications

NMB provides cooling fans ideal for a wide variety of industrial and automation applications. Just a few of the applications in which NMB cooling fans are working right now are:

  • CNC milling and welding machines
  • Textile machines

Office Equipment and Server Applications

Fans from NMB are the ideal choice for cooling a number of different pieces of office and server equipment. Some of these applications include:

Advantages of NMB Cooling Fans

NMB cooling fans offer numerous advantages for a variety of applications. Our cooling fans and blowers, supported by the renowned quality of NMB bearings, provide long life, high reliability, low maintenance requirements, and quiet operation. Explore our website to learn more about NMB cooling fans and a variety of cooling fan applications, and contact us if you need assistance finding the correct fans for your applications.