Cooling Fans for Tanning Machines

Air cooling by fans is one of the most common and effective ways of dissipating the large amounts of heat generated by tanning machines. Tanning machines, or tanning beds, use ultraviolet lamps or bulbs that emit a UV light to help a person achieve a glowing suntan. The type of ultraviolet lamp or bulbs used in the tanning booths determines the quality of the tan. Quartz type of glass is used in these lamps, and depending on the type of ultraviolet lamp or bulb used, the heat generated is often quite intense.

Due to the large amount of heat created by their ultraviolet lamps, tanning machines can become exceedingly hot. Without proper dispersion of the heat generated by these lamps, tanning machines can become overheated very quickly. Regular overheating will cause the machine to wear out quickly and will also reduce the lifespan of the bulbs inside it. Cooling fans are important in maintaining a steady, constant temperature inside the machine, because the lamp or bulb produces ultraviolet light only when the temperature is between 95 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. If an appropriate cooling system is not in place, a tanning machine will not be able to function optimally.

In addition to the effect that excess heat has on the machine, it's certain that the heat is also unpleasant for users! Therefore, cooling fans help tanning machines function properly, last longer, and help create a more comfortable environment for the users.

Maintaining Cooling Fans in Tanning Machines

Cooling fans need periodically to be cleaned of dust or debris, as such foreign elements can block vents and prevent fans from performing optimally. Regular maintenance of cooling fans also prevents dust from settling on the ultraviolet lamps or bulbs within the tanning machine.

Cooling Fans from NMB

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