Miniature Ball Bearings for Small Motors

If you are involved in industrial manufacturing, you probably already realize that small motors are critical to a wide variety of machines, from toys to robots to record players to medical equipment to office equipment to home appliances and so much more. Miniature ball bearings for small motors are crucial to making sure these motors run smoothly, and by extension, that your product works the way it should. For this reason, you'll want to be sure that your company uses NMB when your small motor design requires miniature ball bearings.

Precision Miniature Ball Bearings for Small Motors

Miniature ball bearings are parts made up of balls, an outer ring, and an inner ring, along with retainers, snap rings and shields. When used in your small motors, they allow the parts of the motor to run smoothly without interfering with one another. While these bearings can vary in size, miniature ball bearings are appropriate for motors that are particularly small due to space considerations in the machine they are part of, making small size a premium. It is of utmost importance that you obtain ball bearings that are small enough to fit your small motors, but that provide the same precision and quality that you might find in a larger ball bearing.

NMB Miniature Ball Bearings for Small Motors

For your products to work at maximum efficiency, you need miniature ball bearings that are the most efficient fit for your small motors. That's why NMB offers miniature ball bearings in a variety of sizes, measured in either inches or metric units, as well as open or shielded (shielded bearings protect both the bearing and the motor, as they help prevent lubricant leakage from the bearing into the motor and environmental contamination from the outside into the bearing), and flanged or unflanged (flanged bearings provide additional stability, if needed). If it is important that the small motors in your machines run as quietly as possible, NMB offers DD400 stainless steel ball bearings that offer greater hardness and corrosion resistance and run smoothly and virtually silently. It's very easy to find exactly the type of miniature ball bearings that you need for your small motors using the search boxes on the site.

NMB Quality

NMB's reputation for quality when it comes to motors and ball bearings means you won't waste time worrying about your machines when you use NMB. The NMB name is known for providing the ultimate in speed, precision, reliability, and efficiency. NMB ball bearings last longer and work better than other brands. Designing machine parts for industry is NMB's specialty, and NMB doesn't let anything come out of the factory that doesn't meet the most exacting standards for quality that they can offer. Whatever you need miniature ball bearings for small motors for, whether it's a CD-ROM drive, a dialysis machine, a letter sorting machine, toys, robots, or any of the other myriad of machines that use small motors and ball bearings, you can assemble and run your machines with the utmost confidence when using NMB motors and ball bearings.