Mixer Motor

With all home appliances, efficiency, effectiveness and product reliability are key components to making a brand a best seller. The field of competition for brand recognition, and recognized reliability is based on aesthetic design and performance.

For professional chefs, cooks, and kitchen staffs, product performance is key component to success and essential to the function in a commercial kitchen. Because the home kitchen has changed drastically in design and function over the past 20 years, more and more individuals and families are instituting the use of industrial or commercial quality electronics and appliances in their kitchen workspace.

In the home environment, one of the most popular kitchen appliances is the mixer. Whether a hand mixer, or the growing popularity of stand mixers, the products must possess electronically efficient mixer motors that are powerful, reliable and able to stand up to hours and hours of use. For product manufacturers, the efficiency and effectiveness of home electronics are more important than a sleek aesthetic design. It is the function of the product that leads consumers to become repeat customers, and pass the positive word of mouth on to family and friends.

NMB Mixer Motors Home Electronic Motors

Having a long history of manufacturing motors for nearly every industry, NMB offers yet another quality option to manufacturers, as well as to potential inventors, designers and even consumers looking for quality motors.

Whatever the design concept, NMB offers a motor that will function efficiently and capably, able to power all applicable mixer components and providing for smooth operation. NMB motors are capable of providing a variety of power levels, perfect for all appropriate food preparation needs.

There are a variety of motor types able to power both small and large home electronics.NMB manufactures hybrid and permanent magnet motors, as well as brush and brushless DC motors. These motors and their components are customizable to product needs and desires, as well as specifications that are necessary to qualify electronics as energy efficient.

Mixer Motor Development at NMB

NMB is unique in product offerings due to the fact that everything is manufactured in-house. There is no necessity to wait on anything. NMB possesses the ability to develop and manufacture all motors and motor components, including bearings, on site. Such a beneficial manufacturing process pulls any middle-men out of the equation, allowing for less overhead, confusion, faster development, implementation, product prototype execution and manufacturing turnaround.