Motors for Fluid Power Systems

What are Fluid Power Systems?

A fluid power system uses pressurized fluid like gas or liquid to transmit and control energy. Fluid power systems are used in a wide variety of industrial as well as commercial applications as they offer both the strength required for industrial applications and the delicate positioning required for precision machinery operations.

There are generally two types of fluid power systems: hydraulics and pneumatics. Hydraulic fluid power systems use liquids such as oil and water, and pneumatic fluid power systems use neutral gases like air. Fluid power systems utilize the prime mover to drive a pump which pressurizes the fluid, which then transfers the energy through hoses and pipes to an actuator, which, in turn, completes the required task for the machine.

Advantages of Using Fluid Power Systems

The extensive use of fluid power systems shows that these systems possess a number of advantageous characteristics. Some of the numerous benefits that fluid power systems provide to users include:

  • Easy and accurate control where you can easily control the start, stop, instant reverse motion, or accurate positioning of large forces. There are both analog and digital controls available.
  • Fluid power systems offer high horsepower and are yet low in weight.
  • They can produce enormous amounts of torque while operating at low speeds. They are also unique in torque, in that they provide constant and steady torque.
  • A single fluid power system can provide power and control to multiple machines and functions.
  • These power systems can be used even in hazardous environments as they can tolerate high temperatures and are spark free.

Applications of Fluid Power Systems

Some of the applications of fluid power systems include:

Industrial A fluid power system can provide motion control and power or energy transmissions to industrial machinery like material handling and assembly equipment, controllers, welding machines, and more.

Aerospace Fluid power systems are used in military and commercial aircrafts in flight controls, motor controls, brakes, flight simulators, and more.

Vehicular Industries such as agriculture, military, construction, and marine all use fluid power systems in vehicles like tractors, truck brakes, spreaders, and more.

NMB Motors in Fluid Power Systems

It is with the help of motors that a fluid power system can convert energy into force and motion. Motors, driven by an external force, help to actuate the machine and through mechanical linkage convey the rotary motion of the machinery. Fluid motors can be variable or fixed displacement. Fixed displacement motors provide constant torque, and variable displacement motors are constructed in such a way that the synchronized working of the internal parts can be varied to change displacement.

As motors for fluid power systems operate at high and low pressures, the components used in the power systems require stronger materials to withstand the pressure accordingly. This can prove to be critical for effective operation of the fluid power system.

Benefits of NMB Motors

NMB motors are ideal for fluid power systems because they provide the smooth torque that is essential for the smooth operation of the machine. Our motors also allow for greater precision positioning and repeatability while offering an excellent response to stop, start, and reverse prompts. Motors from NMB offer high reliability, and are manufactured with superior quality. For more information on what NMB motors can do for your fluid power systems, and to get more details on our motors, contact NMB today.