Motors for Ice Dispensers

Even the most reliable ice dispensers can only serve you well when they have effective motors inside them. NMB makes a variety of motors for ice dispensers that can suit your needs. By choosing the right motor for your ice dispenser, you could prolong the life of your equipment and improve the service that it currently gives you.

NMB makes several types of motors. Explore our catalog to find the motors for ice dispensers that apply to you.

Our catalog includes permanent magnet step motors, hybrid step motors, planetary gearbox (PG) motors, and permanent magnet motors with linear actuators. The NMB catalog also includes brush and brushless DC motors. Regardless of which type that you need to buy for your equipment, you can find an option through NMB.

Motors for Your Ice Dispenser

Your ice dispenser probably has two or more different motors inside it. The equipment might, for instance, have a motor dedicated to crushing ice into ships or shards. It might also have a motor dedicated to pushing ice out of the dispenser.

The more complex your ice dispenser is, the more likely it is that it could contain several types of motors. That might mean that you will need assistance when choosing motors for ice dispensers. If you have replaced one motor, then you cannot automatically assume that a different part of your dispenser uses the same kind of motor. In many cases, the motors are designed to provide a very specific function.

Replacing Faulty Motors and Improving Ice Dispensers

You donít, however, have to wait for your ice dispenser to fail before buying a motor. In some cases, businesses and individuals find that they can make their ice dispensers more reliable by replacing factory motors before they fail instead of suffering without helpful pieces of equipment.

Choosing Motors for Ice Dispensers

On the NMB website, you can browse and learn more about motors and related parts manufactured by NMB. Just search by your motor type and number to find information about the specific parts that apply to your concerns. For those who already have a lot of experience with motors for ice dispensers, this is a comprehensive way to browse products available from NMB that might meet your needs.

If you need assistance choosing motors for ice dispensers, you can contact us via email to learn more about the options that will work for you. Alternatively, you can also speak to a representative by calling 818-341-3355. Either way, you will get information about motors for ice dispensers quickly from an expert who can help you choose the right products for your machines.