Motors for Small Robotics

The International Organization of Standardization has defined robotics as "an automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator, programmable in three or more axes, which may be either fixed in place or mobile for use in industrial applications". Robotics, especially in certain industries, is becoming an increasingly visible component of modern business. Small robotics is one of the main driving forces behind the success of flourishing accomplished tasks across industry sectors.

Small robotics technology is being increasingly used in a wide variety of applications which has a high need for precision, accuracy, faster work cycles, and repeatability. Robotics is especially used in manufacturing companies that mass produce a high number of market products such as the highly complex assembly of car manufacturing to installation of small and miniature parts in a medical and clinical environment including the manipulation of components, tools, and quality control.

Small Robotics Applications

Some of the other areas where small robotics can be used include: welding, assembly, pick and place, testing, metal fabrication, and more.

Welding Welding can be classified as dangerous job, especially in industries where continuous welding needs to be done quickly and efficiently. Welding machines can also heavy. The robotics systems can be used to weld metal either by programming the robot to move, or to move the material to be welded in front of the robotics system.

Assembly Industries which produce and manufacture circuit boards, household appliances, electrical components, automotive parts, and so on which require high level of coordination and requires production of thousands of units per year have their task made much simpler and easier with the use of robotics systems.

Pick and Place Robotics systems are an indispensible part of any industry that uses pick-and-place operations. The picking and placement of pallets needs to be performed not only accurately, but also with great speed and strength.

Small robotics is mainly used to replace human involvement in: Monotonous jobs where it can be programmed to carry out specific actions repeatedly with the same consistency and accuracy, dangerous work, or intensive hard labor.

Robotics systems operate by means of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical motors which offer a high gearing ratio and have become increasingly smaller. Different types of small robotics systems use different types of motors. Small robotics typically employs high speed DC motors that provide low torque and highly precise stepper motors for the accurate positioning of individual joints and axes of the small robotics systems. Stepper motors allow torque output to be accurately controlled using the motor torque and motor current. NMB can provide customized motors based on individual needs including in applications in which small and light motors are needed to be used for low speed and high torque requirements.

Motors for Small Robotics from NMB

At NMB, we have extensive expertise based on years of manufacturing of motors. We can provide a variety of motor types to meet your needs. With NMB, you'll find motors that are not only reliable and long lasting but also provide smooth operability and long life. You can rest assured that our motors will provide the high accuracy and precision positioning required for small robotics. For more details on how we can help you build small robotics with greater precision and accuracy through our motors, get in contact us touch with us today.