Stepper Motor Applications

Stepper motors are versatile, brushless, synchronous motors that are widely used in a variety of applications. Stepper motors can also be known as step motors or stepping motors, and there are multiple types of stepper motors. Because stepper motors can move in accurate, discrete angular increments (steps) in reaction to electrical input pulses, they are ideal for applications that require controlled, precise movements. The amount of rotation produced by a stepper motor directly corresponds to the number of electric pulses, while the motor's speed is proportional to the frequency of the pulses. A stepper motor can only take one step at a time and each step taken is of the same size.

NMB step motors are simple to operate with open loop configuration. Although they are small in size, they provide excellent torque at lesser speed. Our stepping motors are relatively inexpensive and are maintenance free. NMB stepper motors are being increasingly used in applications across a variety of industries, particularly for those applications that require perfect coordination and synchronization of the moving parts of equipment, precision angle incremental changes, controlled angular rotations with precise positioning and operational speed.

Industries in which NMB Stepper Motors Are Used

Stepping motors manufactured by NMB are being used in many different industries.

Automotive Industry Applications

Within the automotive industry, NMB stepper motors are used in the design of product applications such as:

Medical Industry Applications

The NMB stepper motor is used to great advantage in medical devices that are used both in the laboratory and patient-care settings, including:

  • Laboratory automation equipment for sample transport and preparation
  • Plate readers for clinical analysis
  • Liquid and specimen handling systems
  • Storage retrieval systems
  • In vitro diagnostic devices
  • Chromatography
  • Blood-oxygenating pumps
  • CT scanners
  • CPAP and BiPAP devices

Medical device engineers, medical equipment engineers, medical equipment manufacturers, medical product designers, and medical equipment designers are all using NMB stepper motors in their work.

Industrial Automation Engineering Applications NMB provides stepper motors for a range of industrial automation engineering applications. Our stepper motor is used in products from winding machines to pumps and valves. The industrial applications in which NMB stepper motors are an important component include:

Office Equipment and Server Applications

The NMB stepping motor is an integral part of a variety of machines used in offices, including:

  • Fax, copier, and printer machines
  • Phone and PBX boards

Advantages of NMB Stepper Motors

There are three primary types of stepper motors: the permanent magnet stepping motor, the variable reluctance stepping motor, and the hybrid stepping motor. The type of stepping motor you should choose for your application depends upon the application's speed and torque requirements. To know which type of motor is best for your application, get in touch with NMB. We can help you choose the right stepper motor and ensure that the motor and drive combination provides optimal performance.

NMB's stepper motor has excellent response time to starting, stopping, and reversing along with superior repeatability and accurately returns to the same position. Every stepper motor has reduced maintenance requirements and provides high quality, long life, and high reliability. To find the stepper motor for your application, contact NMB today.