Stepper Motors for 3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping

What Is 3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping?

3D printing is a form of printing in which the end product is a three-dimensional object created through a form of additive manufacturing technology where successive layers of material are laid down. This process is commonly referred to as "rapid prototyping", as it quickly creates a final physical product, or prototype, of the design entered. The printer takes digital data from a computer aided design (CAD) program, 3D graphics, or animation software, scans it and turns the final product into a usable physical model.

Because they operate through precise control and accuracy, these types of printers generally use stepper motors. Stepper motors provide a high level of accuracy because of the direct relationship between the rotation angle and the input pulse. They can stop and reverse direction with great precision, making them an excellent component for use in rapid prototyping applications.

3D/rapid prototyping printers are generally easier to use than other additive manufacturing technologies on the market, and are also more cost effective and quick. In addition, a 3D printer gives its user the advantage of being able to produce whole objects that are a compilation of a variety of parts and assemblies made of a number of different materials and physical properties all in a single process. High end 3D printing machines with stepper motors create models that bear a very close resemblance to actual product prototypes in functionality as well as look and feel.

Benefits of Rapid Prototyping Machines

3D printers with stepper motors work by reading a 3D computer file and using it to make a series of cross-sectional slices in the product raw material. After the cross-sectional slices are made the 3D printer then prints each slice one on top of the other to create the 3D object.

Rapid prototyping has a number of well known benefits. Now schools, colleges, and businesses can invest in a dedicated 3D printer to help cut the costs of having simple jobs outsourced. In addition, professionals such as designers and engineers are able to use the rapid prototyping technology provided by 3D printers to produce inexpensive prototypes of their designs before they invest in specialized and expensive models.

Stepper Motor Components

Designing and manufacturing 3D / rapid prototyping printers requires the right components. NMB has been supplying high quality, high precision stepper motors to the market for a number of years. Let NMB help you find the stepper motor that's ideal for your rapid prototyping machine application.