Stepper Motors for Gaming Machines

The Stepper Motor Basics

Stepper motors are an important component in gaming machines and a variety of other applications. These motors are brushless, digital electronic motors that operate synchronously. A stepper motor, also known as a step motor, is able to divide a full rotary motion into short steps that are incremental and which result in extremely small, finite movements. This functionality makes stepper motors ideal for use in gaming machines. The miniscule short steps in the stepper motor of a gaming machine occur with every digital pulse of electrical power or force that is applied. Thus, the step motor rotates in short but steady angular movements rather than in continual movements. These short steps usually occur in 30 degree, 45 degree, or 90 degree angular movements that are achieved electromagnetically.

Stepper motors are also referred to by other terms such as magnetic stepping motors, step-servo motors, step motors, and stepping motors, with the classic stepper motor being comprised of two coils that have two stator cups formed around each coil. Here the pole pairs are mechanically repositioned by one half of every pole pair.

Stepper Motors and Gaming Machine Design

NMB has been supplying stepper motors to the gaming machine manufacturing industry for quite some time. Our stepper motors are ideal for this application because of their small size, excellent power output, and exceptional accuracy.

While many of today's gaming machines are digital, many retain a mechanical element that utilizes the stepper motor. It's this mechanical element that allows players to interact with the gaming machines, providing the tactile control and classic game play that users love. In gaming machines of new design, mechanical elements are often used in concert with digital elements, providing the best of both worlds: the impressive graphics of digital capabilities with the real-time interaction of mechanical parts.

When you are looking for high quality step motors for gaming machine manufacture, opt for one of the following motors available from NMB:

Benefits of Stepper Motors in your Gaming Machine

The use of stepper motors offers numerous benefits to gaming machine operation. The first benefit is that these motors have complete torque even when they are still so long as the windings are wound up and energized. A second benefit is that the rotation of the stepper motor is directly relative to the incoming electric impulse. Another advantage with a good quality stepper motor is the accuracy of precision received at 3-5% per step, in addition to the motor's excellent responsiveness to starting, stopping, and reversing. All in all, stepper motors from NMB are highly precise, dependable, and a great value, making them an ideal component for use in gaming machines.