Cooling Fans for Oxygen Concentrators

NMB is committed to manufacturing quality components for the medical device and healthcare industries. Each of these components bears NMB's trademark of superior quality and high precision. Our product applications have been designed to provide exceptional reliability while increasing device performance. Many medical devices manufacturers have come to depend on NMB's quality components as they produce the equipment that doctors and patients rely on. One of the most important components of many medical devices is a cooling fan. Cooling fans are an important component because many of these devices generate large amounts of heat that must be dissipated in order for the equipment to continue functioning correctly. A piece of medical equipment that is not cooled sufficiently may overheat, causing potential permanent damage to the machinery as well as consequences for the patient.

The Necessity of Cooling Fans for Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are devices used to provide a high concentration of oxygen to patients. Air contains a roughly larger percentage of nitrogen than oxygen. An oxygen concentrator consists of two cylinders that are filled with zeolite, which absorbs nitrogen from the air and passes it out to create a higher concentration of oxygen. The device then provides the patient with this oxygen-concentrated air through a tube. While the device is operating, its cooling fans ensure that the heat that device generates is being dispelled, keeping the device cool so that it can run efficiently.

The two most commonly used cooling fans in medical devices are AC axial and DC axial fans. There are a few basic differences between the two types of cooling fans. DC axial cooling fans use direct current, move only in one direction, have a longer life span, and are often more affordable. Additionally, the speed of DC cooling fans is directly proportional to the voltage with which they are supplied. AC axial fans use alternating current charges, can change their direction quickly, and use higher voltage than DC cooling fans. AC axial cooling fans are predominately used in medical equipment. Both AC and DC axial cooling fans consist of motors and bearings. While choosing a fan you need to take its size, voltage, and the noise it produces into consideration.

Benefits of Cooling Fans for Oxygen Concentrators

There are many advantages to choosing NMB cooling fans for your medical device needs. Just a few of the benefits that NMB components offer are:

  • NMB's AC axial cooling fans meticulously follow noise level standards while working at the required speed.
  • With the highly skilled team of designers and engineers at NMB Technologies, you can be sure that we constantly upgrade our technology and designs to bring you exceptional cooling fans. Our fans will help to keep your medical equipment running efficiently and smoothly, as well as prevent it from overheating and becoming damaged.
  • Since they are designed using superior materials you can be assured that your NMB cooling fans are reliable.

Let NMB fill your needs for medical device cooling fans. Contact us today to learn about the customized solutions we can provide for you.