Medical Equipment Design

As aging populations and new health crises and cures continue to challenge the medical industry, the success of much healthcare is dependent upon new technology and, therefore, the design of medical equipment. The need for healthcare equipment and systems that deliver improved performance and higher efficiency will continue to increase and create additional demands for medical equipment design and innovation.

Improving Equipment Performance and Design

Most medical design engineers and device manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for any technology breakthroughs that can make their devices perform more efficiently. Similarly, most physicians are always researching to discover the latest improvements in treatment methods for their patients. As the scope of technological capabilities widens, medical device manufacturers can push further the limitations of equipment to extend the potential impact and improve the functions of medical devices, enabling them to perform ever-increasingly complex operations. In order to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction, manufacturers look at design approaches and techniques that can help make the complex machines they produce operate even more smoothly and with end-user ease.

To help medical device manufacturers meet these challenging objectives, NMB strives constantly to improve the design and performance of our components for use in medical devices.

Design engineers who are on the quest for cost-effective and mechanically optimized components for medical equipment can find them right here with NMB. Manufacturers enjoy the advantages that our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology provides, such as precision and quality that are unmatched in the industry. Our offerings of precision miniature ball bearings and bearing assemblies can be tailored and customized to our customers' specific needs. The design of our components for medical applications can efficiently support moving machine parts and a variety of device requirements.

Our components have been a crucial tool for many manufacturers, allowing them to increase the performance and efficiency of their medical devices. NMB's precision manufacturing and design allows us to provide components that optimize medical tools.

Benefits of NMB Components in Medical Devices

NMB's stepper motors, bearing assemblies, and cooling fans that are used in medical applications in laboratory settings and patient treatment contain NMB miniature ball bearings. All of NMB's ball bearing components are manufactured in house, allowing us to maintain unparalleled quality levels, meet delivery schedules and lead times, control manufacturing costs, and meet all quality requirements. Our bearings provide the following benefits for medical equipment design:

Low Noise Levels

When speed is increased, it creates noise in some devices. The design of our bearings is aimed at dampening the noise levels and keeping medical devices performing quietly, smoothly, and effectively.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

NMB products save users extensive time, trouble, and expense in terms of component maintenance.

Long Life and High Reliability

NMB products are ideal for long wear requirements and in machines that require reliability.