Medical Equipment Engineer

The demands on the healthcare industry are steadily growing. With technology improvements and aging populations needing health solutions, there is more pressure than ever before on the medical equipment engineer to develop safe and effective devices. Whether he or she is engineering technologies for disease prevention, detection, or treatment, the healthcare engineer is responsible for ensuring that devices used in healthcare applications meet medical needs and standards. The constant challenge for a medical device engineers is to continue to develop and improve equipment with high reliability and throughput.

Meeting the Needs of the Medical Equipment Engineer

An engineer who develops medical devices requires components that work reliably and operate smoothly. NMB components are an excellent choice for engineers in the manufacturing of medical devices, because our components are efficient, reliable, long-lasting, and low-noise. NMB offers component solutions for a variety of applications. Whether you need brushless DC motors, stepper motors, precision miniature ball bearings, cooling fans, or bearing assemblies, we have what you're looking for.

Reducing Noise

The motors used in medical equipment application need to comply with low noise level standards in order to reduce patient anxiety and increase their comfort. For this reason, a healthcare device engineer will look for components that operate at high speeds while complying with noise sensitive environments, which NMB provides. NMB motors are ideal for such requirements as they have low noise levels, offer smooth operation, and are highly reliable. NMB components like brushless DC motors are a perfect fit for many medical equipment applications, such as those that treat sleep apnea with Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) respirators.

NMB Components Being Used by Medical Device Engineers

Another example of an application for which a medical device engineer may be designing equipment is a medical analyzer. These machines are used to test bodily fluids like blood and urine, and the fluid samples are transported from one station to another to conduct tests. These machines are designed by an engineer to be capable of running continuously for hours to test thousands of samples. Because of this high-demand usage, the engineer must choose components that withstand these conditions. NMB's stepper motors are used in these types of machines because of high heat transfer efficiency, long life expectancy, and smooth operation.

Depending upon the requirements of the application at hand, an engineer may choose from a variety of motor types, from brushless DC to stepper. As trends in medical equipment and treatments continue to evolve, the requirements of equipment manufacturers must keep pace with engineers' designs. To meet the challenges of medical applications, NMB can collaborate with the medical equipment engineer to produce components that are trustworthy, smooth-operating, and long-lasting. NMB continuously strives to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and offers products that are of the highest quality. With NMB, an engineer has access to robust manufacturing processes and products that can be customized to meet the design requirements of the engineer. No matter how exacting the engineer's requirements, we can ably meet many needs with our years of experiences in manufacturing bearings, bearing assemblies, cooling fans, and motors.

Our products can be used in laboratory automation and clinical analysis equipment such as plate readers, liquid and specimen handling systems, storage retrieval systems, in vitro diagnostics, sample transport and preparation systems, and chromatography. Some of the other medical devices that use NMB components include oxygen concentrators, peristaltic pumps for IV fluid delivery and for blood circulation, CT scanners, and as mentioned before, CPAP and BiPAP for positive airway pressure.

Because medical equipment requires high precision, NMB bearings are ideal for these applications. We develop and produce highly accurate, quietly operating, and low torque geared assemblies that can be custom designed for the product requirements of the engineer. Explore our online resources or contact us today to learn more about how NMB Tech can meet your engineering needs.