Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Medical device companies rely on NMB's expertise for products that offer the smooth operation and reliable product life that's essential to all medical applications.

The healthcare industry is constantly becoming increasingly complex, and for the demands of its necessary medical equipment to be met, the components that go into manufacturing it must be highly precise and reliable. Even with variations in surfaces, small size requirements, or temperature tolerance requirements, the components should function properly. As medical manufacturing engineers develop new and more complex techniques to produce higher performance equipment for the healthcare industry, there is an increase in demand for components that can meet expectations of high quality, high precision, and reliability that offer optimal solutions while ensuring compliance. The components provided by NMB Technologies are produced to the most exacting standards of precision and quality engineering to meet these expectations. We bring unparalleled expertise to every aspect of high precision manufacturing on any scale and any level of complexity. When medical equipment manufacturing engineers look for solutions, they can look to NMB Technologies Corporation.

Meeting the Rigorous Demands of Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Drawing on our extensive experience in mass production technologies and ultra precision machining, we at NMB produce components such as miniature ball bearings, stepper motors, cooling fans, and bearing assemblies that will satisfy the most rigorous needs of manufacturers for the healthcare industry, even as critical tolerances for medical equipment continue to increase. With our advanced production facilities and state-of-the-art technology, medical device manufacturers stand to gain tremendous benefit from our components.

Medical Equipment Applications for NMB Components

Some of the equipment and medical devices in which you'll find manufacturers using NMB bearings, bearing assemblies, and stepper motors in clinical analysis equipment and laboratory automation include plate readers, specimen handling systems, and in vitro diagnostic tools. Each of these applications requires high levels of precision and reliability.

Medical equipment manufacturers of devices used directly for patient treatment also require a high level of precision, but these applications may have the additional requirements of minimized device size and operation noise. NMB components provide the small motors and miniature ball bearings that meet these needs. Medical device manufacturing companies have put our components to use in equipment such as oxygen concentrators, peristaltic pumps, and CT scanners.

Keep exploring medical applications for NMB components on our website or give us a call to speak with an expert about the medical equipment manufacturing solutions you're seeking. Let us help you put high quality, high precision NMB components to work for you.