Medical Industry

Medical Device Design Applications

Products from NMB are well suited for a variety of medical device applications. Our precision miniature ball bearings, stepper motors, and cooling fans offer smooth operation and reliable product life that is critical for medical equipment, whether used in a laboratory or in a treatment setting.

You may find NMB bearings, bearing assemblies, and stepper motors in medical device design for laboratory automation and clinical analysis equipment such as:

  • Sample transport and preparation systems
  • Plate readers
  • Liquid and Specimen handling systems
  • Storage Retrieval Systems
  • In Vitro Diagnostics
  • Chromatography

The X-Y system facilitates precise movement control in medical device applications, in which there is often a combination of the needs for low friction, perpendicular alignment, and pull force. NMB's high quality components allow medical design engineers to create devices that produce consistent and precise results for the medical industry. X, Y, and Z axis movement found in these applications require the high level of precision that NMB bearings provide. Many of these systems also use geared assemblies made from aluminum or resin. At NMB, we apply our expertise in manufacturing technology to develop and produce highly accurate, long life, and low torque geared assemblies custom designed for your medical device product needs.

Medical devices used for patient treatment also require the high quality products that NMB offers. Our current customer base includes manufacturers of:

  • Peristaltic Pumps for IV fluid delivery and for Blood circulation
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • CPAP and BiPAP for positive airway pressure, to treat sleep apnea or to provide patient ventilation
  • CT scanners

NMB's motors and cooling fans used in these medical applications contain NMB miniature ball bearings, because of their low noise characteristics, long life and high reliability.

We can quickly and reliably meet the needs of our customers by offering various products customized to meet specific requirements. Ultra-precision machining and mass manufacturing technologies facilitate the production of all ball bearing components in house, giving the company an unparalleled advantage in terms of quality, supply capabilities, lead time and manufacturing costs.

To learn more about how NMB can help you achieve your medical device design goals, explore our information about specific applications or contact us to discover the engineering solutions NMB can provide.