Motors for CT Scanners

If you require a CT scan, you want to know that you are getting quality imaging from a superior machine. The functionality of the CT scanner is just as important as the medical team you encounter at the hospital or emergency room. Together that team of doctors, nurses, and technicians value the quality of their CT scanner along with its interior components just as much as you do.

Medical equipment engineers and product designers understand just how crucial each and every component can be. A CT scanner must be built with advanced products that can stand the test of time. NMB provides the medical industry, along with many other industries, quality ball bearings, motors, and cooling fans.

Understanding CT Scanners

A CT scan, otherwise known as a computerized tomography, is a series of x-ray views from a wide variety of different angles. This form of scan is used to gain images of the tissues and or bones inside the body. The CT scan can provide a great deal more information than just a regular x-ray. It gives a doctor the ability to review your x-ray piece by piece on a more in depth level.

A CT scan is usually recommended when a patient experiences a trauma. For example, a head injury can typically result in this type of scan since it can also safely x-ray the brain. In addition, the CT scan is used to check for blockages in veins or other issues associated with the blood vessels. Many medical professionals depend on CT scanners.

CT Scanner Motors

As you can imagine, motors for CT scanners must be reliable and able to handle the precision movements this complex machine requires. NMB utilizes a wide range of products including our miniature ball bearings to keep motors for CT scanners running effectively and consistently. Miniature ball bearings from NMB are unique, as they produce low noise levels and provide long product lives with high levels of reliability.

If you are a medical equipment designer or engineer you will understand how NMB’s quality motors and ball bearings can help your CT scanner function for many years to come. The reliability associated with NMB products stands high in the industry. NMB depends on ultra-precision machining to create industry-leading ball bearing components in house. This gives NMB a unique advantage over the competition in terms of product quality, supply levels, lead time, and pricing. Turn to NMB for quality ball bearings and motors for CT scanners and all your other medical component applications.