Motors for In Vitro Diagnostics

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) is one of the most important fields in all of medical science. From the growing field of in vitro fertilization to the countless hours of disease and treatment research, the technology for in vitro diagnostics must match the demand of the field, as well as the capability of the medical professionals using the equipment.

Motors for In Vitro Diagnostics Technology

In vitro diagnostics equipment is responsible for several different applications, including disease detection, separation, purification, fertilization and many varieties of cellular analysis. Because these processes rely on the use of technological sub-systems such as precision pumps for fluid supply, they must possess reliable working components, as well as powerful and efficient motors to provide repeated use and functionality offering consistent and stabilized results. The field of medical science, especially in vitro diagnostics, is dependent on consistencies to minimize undesired variable content within the scientific process.

During the research and development phase of new in vitro diagnostics technology, or when considering changes to existing technology for more efficient function, it is necessary to consider the power source of the diagnostics technology. Not only do motors for in vitro diagnostics need to be precise, but they need to boast a long and reliable lifespan. No technology is worth the investment, regardless of potential capability, when it lacks reliability.

Based on these principles of reliability, NMB has developed products for many industries, including the technological precision required within medical engineering. Boasting step motors capable of operating a wide variety of technology within the medical field, their many variations of motors are found within everything from In Vitro Diagnostics technology to Chromatography equipment and even automated storage and retrieval systems. NMB components are also used in everything from Peristaltic Pumps to CT Scanners, by some of the medical field's top technology providers.

NMB Motor Technology for In Vitro Diagnostics

Offering a wide variety of motor types, as well as the ability to customize motor manufacturing to customer demands and design schemes, NMB is unparalleled in terms of product design and implication. With the ability to manufacture all aspect of a motor in house, and also possessing the ability to manufacture all necessary components to fit any custom motor design, NMB is able to adhere to even the strictest technological requirements necessary for in vitro diagnostics equipment.

Specializing in low-torque, long life motors that possess custom components, including bearings and mechanical bearing assemblies, NMB puts forth products that are incredibly functional within medical equipment engineering. NMB has become a favorite of many design engineers due to the efficiency and adaptability of customized parts, as well as the long-life and low-noise performance of the motors, bearings and gear components as a whole. Possessing the in-house ability to set forth mass-production of all ball-bearing components allows us at NMB to offer a competitive and cost-effective edge to customers looking to enjoy advantages in lead time and quality results with medical devices.