Motors for Liquid Handling Systems

What Are Liquid Handling Systems?

In most medical laboratory environments, liquid handling is a part of the process or the foundation of a system in which chemical or medical liquids are tested routinely. Liquid handling systems are being increasingly used in medical laboratory work to produce high quality test results. Liquid handling systems are versatile and can cater to today’s demanding laboratory environment by making it possible to analyze thousands of samples in one day. It is thanks to these laboratory automation systems that a more accurate and higher liquid handling throughput is made possible along with a faster turnaround time, increase in productivity, minimizing errors, and drastically improving staff safety. Even complex liquid handling is controlled with ease with a liquid handling system; this includes fast and target-oriented handling of a liquid where accuracy and repeatability with controlled precision speed are pivotal to the success of a test result.

As medical engineering is becoming more and more advanced, the manufacturing of liquid handling systems has evolved to become more efficient through automation. The trend in liquid handling systems continues toward building liquid handling equipment that are compact while performing tirelessly to prepare, distribute, or dilute exactly proportioned liquid samples and ultra-precise liquid additions in a number of steps. The automated liquid handling equipment can dispense liquid without any contact and makes it easy to provide smaller sample volumes, especially for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors which require precise delivery of low liquid volumes for accurate results.

As the requirement for productivity and liquid handling equipment quality continue to increase, medical device engineers strive for both accuracy and flawless reliability in the components used in the laboratory handling systems. For a liquid handling system to work efficiently and precisely, quality motors should be considered in the design and technique of the liquid handling equipment. For instance, liquid handling equipment sometimes needs to perform a variety of tasks, each of which requires highly accurate and exact positioning of the arm to accept liquid samples and quickly transfer the liquid in a targeted manner to the proper holder. The exactness in the position of the arm and the accuracy of handling liquid is made possible by stepper motors.

Stepper Motors for Liquid Handling Systems

Stepper motors from NMB are the preferred choice in medical applications such as liquid handlings systems, dispensing systems, and blood analyzers as our motors provide a precise motion control system for measuring liquid, positioning, metering, and liquid dispensing. NMB stepper motors provide high quality and reliability and are also frequently found in other medical applications like CAT and PET scanners, laboratory automation systems, clinical analysis plate readers, in-vitro diagnostic equipment and more.

NMB provides customized options for stepper motors to meet the unique dynamic function of a liquid handling system, including reduced size and heat dissipation.

Benefits of NMB Motors

NMB stepper motors provide a smooth torque, allow greater precision positioning and repeatability, and offer an excellent response to the start, stop, and reverse prompts. NMB motors are also highly reliable, provide long life, and are manufactured with superior quality making them low-maintenance. To summarize, motors from NMB deliver:

  • Accuracy
  • Low Maintenance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Smooth Operability
  • Long Life
  • Reliability
  • Miniaturization

Get in touch with NMB for more information on the types of motors - including stepper motors, brushless DC motors, and brush DC motors - that we offer for your medical and laboratory applications.