Motors for Medical Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

The medical challenges that laboratory research can address demands optimal efficiency in material handling and other automatable tasks. In addition to laboratory settings, clinical environments and hospitals also require the best in technology to help make storage and retrieval of materials more efficient.

One example of continued growth and technological evolution that has developed to serve the needs of the medical industry is the use of automated storage and retrieval systems. These advanced systems for material handling can provide laboratory, hospital, and healthcare personnel the easiest access to crucial results and information. In the simplest of terms, automated medical storage and retrieval systems result in time saved and precision delivered.

Motors for Medical Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

For manufacturers of refined medical technology, as well as individuals working in hospital and healthcare management and administration, quality has to be a top priority. Without quality products and services, samples can get mixed up, the wrong materials can be retrieved, and storage can be mishandled in fast-moving medical and laboratory environments. This simple fact should direct the implementation of the best components into all aspects of medical technology, including the development of automated storage and retrieval systems.

Motors for medical automated storage and retrieval systems are crucial to the success of a healthcare team, as they are also crucial to the function of the actual equipment. Therefore, breakdowns and frequents glitches within equipment are not only a nuisance, but they can result in undesirable frustrations and patient results within the medical field. Motors without adequate power and reliability are unacceptable for use in medical technology.

The Quality of NMB Technologies Corporation

Specializing in precision bearings, cooling fans and low-profile, powerful motors, NMB offers the quality necessary and desired for manufacturers of automated storage and retrieval systems, as well as healthcare teams that will need sustained, continual use of their equipment.

NMB motors come in a wide variety: Step motors; Permanent Magnet (PM ) Step; Hybrid Step; Permanent Magnet with Gear (PG ) Step; Permanent Magnet Linear (PL) Step; Brushed and Brushless (BLDC) DC motors. They provide many technological industries with efficient and effective motor technology that boasts reliability. A variety of these stepper motors are used in medical equipment applications, from automated storage and retrieval systems to use in Liquid Handling Systems and In Vitro Diagnostics.

For the medical technology and laboratory automation fields, NMB offers unparalleled reliability and precision; precision that is adaptable to customized design specifics. NMB can work within any design scheme to manufacture a functional and highly reliable motor that is able to present repeated performance and desired results to the professional medical community.

At NMB, our efficient R&D, design, and manufacturing execution give our customers the industry edge. Also specializing in the development and manufacturing of motor components, NMB is able to offer prototype and type-specific manufacturing while staying within an extremely competitive price range. Contact us to learn more about our motor offerings for medical and laboratory automation applications today.