Motors for Oxygen Concentrators

Healthcare facilities and medical research labs need equipment that they can rely on at all times. NMB Technologies proudly supplies medical device manufacturers with the quality components needed to keep their devices operating optimally.

The Basics of Oxygen Concentrators

Keeping oxygen concentrators in top condition makes it possible for medical personnel to treat patients with breathing problems. Motors for oxygen concentrators make it possible for these machines to regulate the amount of oxygen present in a patient's every breath. Without a reliable motor that operates consistently, an oxygen concentrator will not be able to perform its important function.

Different Types of Motors for Oxygen Concentrators

There are many different types of oxygen concentrators. Some, for instance, are designed for portability. This makes it possible for people to lead independent lives even when they need help breathing. Other concentrators have been designed for hospital and bedside use. Since there are many different models, you can expect to find different types of motors for oxygen concentrators.

Choosing Oxygen Concentrator Motors

NMB makes a variety of motors that are well suited to the needs of oxygen concentrators. If you are uncertain which NMB motor will best achieve your equipment goals, contact us to discover the engineering solutions we can provide.

NMB's motors for oxygen concentrators stand out from products made by other companies. Motors from NMB not only offer years of reliable service, but they also operate quietly. The motors can operate so quietly and reliably because they use NMB's miniature ball bearings. This advanced ball bearing system decreases the amount of wear and tear that the motor experiences each day. That means a longer life for your machines.

NMB also offers custom engineering solutions. If you cannot find the right type of motor for your oxygen concentrator, then contact NMB to learn what we can provide. In many cases, our customers find that this is a cost-effective way for them to prolong the lifespan of their equipment.

NMB has dedicated itself to providing customers with the most reliable motors available. By choosing the right component for your equipment, you can help ensure that your personal oxygen concentrator, the machines at your healthcare facility, or the devices you are manufacturing offer the functions that patients need to breathe well and get the oxygen they need.