Peristaltic Pumps for IV Fluid Delivery and Blood Circulation

Technology has played a major role in the advancement of medicine. Constant innovation of ground-breaking technologies has led to the identification and successful treatment of an ever-increasing number of illnesses and conditions successfully. And just as doctors and patients depend on these medical devices for assistance, medical devices themselves depend on their motors, ball bearings, and cooling fans to function effectively. NMB is a leading manufacturer of high quality and precision medical device components. From clinical analysis equipment for chromatography, plate readers, and storage retrieval systems, to medical equipment used for patient treatment like peristaltic pumps for IV fluid delivery and blood circulation, NMB is dedicated to delivering unparalleled engineering solutions.

A General View of Peristaltic Pumps for IV Fluid Delivery and Blood Circulation

IV fluid delivery or intravenous therapy is commonly used to administer certain medications, for blood transfusions, or to deliver or replace fluids. Peristaltic pumps are responsible for pumping fluids through a tube to the patient. These peristaltic pumps for IV fluid delivery consist of flexible tubing that use rotating rollers to create a pressurized flow. Each rotor has a number of rollers that are attached in the pump head. When the fluid passes the pump head, packets of fluids are formed. The size of these packets and speed of the rotors determine the flow rate. What makes a peristaltic pump function smoothly and efficiently is the brushless DC motors that are situated in the pump head. A brushless DC motor requires direct current and relies on electronics for commutation. These brushless DC motors need Half Effect Devices to sense their rotor position, allowing the drive to commutate the motor.

Advantages of Brushless DC Motors in Peristaltic Pumps

Brushless DC motors are more reliable and have a higher life expectancy than brushed DC motors; this difference is largely due to the fact that brushless DC motors do not have brushes that wear and need to be replaced at regular intervals.

Brushless DC motors help transfer heat away from the motor, a feature that helps the motor to run cool in crowded spaces.

Brushless DC motors provide greater amounts of torque over a larger speed range and higher duty cycles than do brushed DC motors.

The brushless DC motors that are situated in peristaltic pumps are quieter, have less electromagnet interference, and do not produce sparks from friction against a commutator.

Quality Components from NMB

In order to meet your requirements, NMB offers customized components that continue to reflect the company’s superior standards of quality as well as our constant breakthroughs in research and design. You can be assured that NMB will continually produce quality components for the medical industry.