Medical Product Design

NMB is one of the largest manufacturers of precision ball bearings, which are used in a wide range of medical design applications, including products for the laboratory automation and patient care industries.

There is a high level of performance and accuracy expected from medical equipment. Medical application designers and engineers continuously strive to improve the design of products and procedures to provide better performance and smoother operation. NMB recognizes the importance of providing quality components to aid in these innovations in medical product design. Our product offerings and manufacturing design offer the highest levels of operational performance along with the reliable product life that is crucial for any medical equipment.

NMB's product components provide support for the design of medical devices used in laboratory automation and clinical analysis equipment, and our components have also been used in the design of a wide variety of patient treatment devices.

Innovating with Medical Product Design Components

There have been huge advances in laboratory automation that necessitate improvements of the components used in product design. Laboratory automation equipment requires bearing assemblies that provide compact, robust, and smooth-running performance; NMB bearing assemblies meet and exceed those requirements. The linear movements found in these product design applications to move fluids, lenses, scanning mechanisms, and so on, require the high level of precision that NMB components provide. Linear motion mechanisms with stepper motors can convert rotary to linear motion within the motor, which means that there is a higher degree of output and accuracy using fewer components. A stepper motor allows the equipment to move a given amount of rotary motion for every electrical input pulse, making it perfect for use in positioning medical applications. NMB's stepper motors provide the ideal solution for the longitudinal axis as well as the Y and X axis.

The product designs of NMB components can also be used in a wide variety of medical applications like sample transport and preparation systems, plate readers, liquid and specimen handling systems, storage retrieval systems, in vitro diagnostics, chromatography, and much more.

Some medical devices also use geared bearing assemblies made from resin or aluminum. NMB's extensive expertise in bearing manufacturing allows us to develop custom-designed geared bearing assemblies for your medical product needs to deliver high accuracy, long life, and low torque.

Our collaboration with product design professionals and manufacturers of medical equipment such as CT scanners, oxygen concentrators, peristaltic pumps for IV fluid delivery and blood circulation, CPAP and BiPAP has yielded an integrated bearing system which is highly accurate, has minimal low noise levels, long product life, and operational reliability. Our bearing product is also highly corrosion resistant and is ideal for use in medical applications.

Meeting Your Medical Product Design Needs

NMB can quickly and reliably meet even your most exacting design requirements and expectations, as we provide customized design solutions for medical product design. Our medical product solutions can improve the efficiency of the design of your healthcare device. Contact our experts today to learn more about the design solutions we can provide for your projects.