Equipment Cooling Fans

The Importance of Equipment Cooling Fans

Electronic equipment is an integral part of our modern lives and can be found everywhere even in place we might not look from day to day from high-powered computers to server racks to printers. For a whole system to function reliably, each electronic component plays a crucial role. Because the electronic components depend on electric current to function properly, they become potential areas for excessive heat to collect. As electronic systems become more miniaturized, there is sometimes a dramatic increase in the amount of heat generated per unit. Unless electronic equipment is properly cooled by the right fans, the high amounts of heat generated may result in high operating temperatures that jeopardize the safety and reliability of the system. The likelihood of system failure increases exponentially with the amount of heat it generates, and temperature variations are one of the major causes of failure. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to have an efficient cooling system in place, such as fans, to ensure proper cooling and smooth operation of the system. Just as electronics play a major role in the functioning of a system, cooling fans play a pivotal role in maintaining optimal temperatures in the system. Cooling fans offer effective thermal control for a wide range of equipment.

NMB offers customized solutions based on individual cooling requirements. No matter what applications you'll need the fans for server racks, equipment rooms, printers, computers and peripherals, and more our cooling fans can be customized to fit your specific needs. Two such sample applications are discussed in more detail below.

Cooling Server Racks

In order for a server rack to function properly, excess waste heat that's generated by the servers and related accessories needs to be removed. Most servers are designed to take in cooler air from the front and blow the hot air out. However, when the front-to-back airflow alone cannot properly disperse the huge amount of heat generated by the servers, cooling fans can be incorporated into the system to facilitate and increase proper air flow. Depending on the design of the server, fans can be placed either on top or at the bottom of the server rack, or placed in front to increase the front-to-back airflow. The airflow in and around any server rack is critical to cooling performance. Before placing a fan inside the server, it's important to evaluate the ventilation in the room and check the room temperatures in order to find out if there's any restriction of airflow in and out of the rack, and to create a proper balance between cold and hot air, and eliminate any dead air space.

Cooling Computers and Peripherals

There are a lot of components inside your computer that generate enormous amounts of heat, including your CPU and graphics cards. It's therefore easy to see that if the heat is not dissipated quickly enough, your expensive computer can cost you some more in repairs. One of the most effective ways to disperse heat is through the use of a quality fan which can properly regulate the airflow with the system, thus extending its lifespan. It's also important to maintain the fan in your computer and keep it in good working condition to create optimal temperature conditions for your system.

No matter what type of equipment cooling fans you're looking for, you'll find all types of fans at NMB. We have years of experience in the manufacturing of ball bearings, which is one of the key components a quality fan relies on. Our fan solutions are designed to perform at high speeds producing little or no noise as we specifically measure fan acoustic noise. Different systems require different fan solutions. To know which fan is right for your system, and to find customized solutions for your need, get in touch with NMB.